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Skakov Mazhyn Kanapinovich

The best mentor of young workers
East Kazakhstan oblast
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8(705) 185-83-16
Brief characteristics: 

Born in 1952, has worked as Deputy General Director of RSE "national nuclear center of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on science, Kurchatov. Director of branch IAE NNC RK.Professor, Academician of KazNAU, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences the RSE "national nuclear center of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
Since 1969. in 1975. studied at Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. S. M. Kirov. In 1978 was graduate student of the Institute of nuclear physics Academy KazSSR.Alma-ATA. A large part of his career dedicated to scientific and educational activities. Conscientious attitude to work, organizer, mentor.
Founded a school of condensed matter physics, prepared and personally participated in the preparation of more than 20 candidates of physico-mathematical Sciences. Over the past three years he has supervised 7 PhD by biology, including 4 employees of the Institute of atomic energy branch of RSE NNC RK. Has the Honorary Badge of the first degree.


По клику на блок «Я не робот» выполняется проверка, что голосует человек, а не робот. Если появится окно с разными изображениями, следуйте указаниям во всплывающем окне.
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