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In Astana, Almaty and Pavlodar, the Electronic Labor Exchange

labor exchange

Today, the Electronic Labor Exchange ( was launched, in which entrepreneurs of Astana, Almaty and Pavlodar can receive recruitment services in a new electronic format in the pilot mode.

A new multi-channel procedure for introducing vacancies has been introduced for companies without mandatory personal visits to employment centers. Now the employer will be able to transfer information to the CPE about the availability of his vacancies through his personal office in the electronic labor exchange, which greatly simplifies the implementation of the mandatory legislation on the provision of data on available vacancies.

All the processes of finding the necessary personnel are accompanied by a transition to a proactive and targeted format of interaction with entrepreneurs. Companies are only asked to send information about the required staff with the level of their qualifications, salary and other requirements to the employment centers. All further work on the recruitment of personnel that meet the requirements of entrepreneurs will be fully implemented by the CPE.

The employment centers of Astana, Almaty and Pavlodar are ready to provide their sites for conducting an organized interview with potential candidates, so that the interests of employers remain at the core of professional selection of personnel.

Already today, companies and private employment agencies can register their personal office in the electronic labor exchange ( and place their vacancies. All that is needed during registration is the indication of an e-mail address for the full use of the portal functionality and electronic digital signature for authentication and confirmation of the accuracy of the information submitted.

In other cities and towns of the country, entrepreneurs and job seekers can use the site for their own recruiting and job search throughout Kazakhstan for free.

Full launch of a new format of work across Kazakhstan is planned in January 2018, when all employment centers in the country will be able to provide new services for employers.

Changed on 4 October, 2017 - 17:37
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