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Targeted social assistance will combine three types of state aid

targeted social assistance

Since January 1, 2018 in Kazakhstan they plan to introduce a new order of rendering targeted social assistance.

This was reported by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Tamara Duissenova at the meeting of the Government.

First, the three types of benefits currently provided to large families with low income, namely: special state allowance, child allowance and targeted social assistance - will be provided as a single allowance. Its size will be larger than the aggregate amount of the currently presented three types of payments.

Secondly, in addition to providing targeted social assistance to every able-bodied citizen, the state provides support in training and obtaining a profession with subsequent employment or in opening one's own business with the provision of microcredit for these purposes.

Thirdly, the members of families in a difficult life situation will be provided with state-guaranteed special social services.

To date, local specialists are retraining and refresher courses.

It should be noted that, since 2014, the "Orleo" project or a prototype of targeted social assistance of a new format has been introduced in the pilot mode in all regions of the country. Only this year around 161 thousand people took part in the "Orleo" project in the country.

According to plans in the next year, 350 thousand families (the total number of recipients of the current three types of payments) will receive targeted social assistance from the state.

Under the new system, the principle of a "one-stop shop" and the integrated provision of targeted assistance to low-income families on the basis of the Employment Center will be introduced. Now citizens will apply to one body with one package of documents, and not 3 as of now. In the city it is necessary to apply to the Employment Center, in the villages - akims of rural districts.

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