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During the time of participation in the "Orleu" project, the average per capita income of its participants in the East Kazakhstan region increased threefold


Implementation of the pilot project "Orleu" started in the East Kazakhstan region in 2014. At present, the project is launched in all cities and districts of the region. During this time, the project attracted more than 8,000 thousand people. This is the order of 1900 families that are able to get out of poverty, but they need help and support to overcome obstacles in realizing their opportunities.

Including 2,188 people were employed. 1490 for permanent jobs and 698 people for temporary jobs.

On average, during the time of participation in the project, the per capita income of project participants increased by 3 times in the region (from 6,050 tenge to 18,150 tenge).

Recall from 2014, new approaches to the provision of social assistance were tested in Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions, where the pilot project " Orleu " was implemented, providing for the provision of conditional cash assistance for individuals who have entered into a social contract.

Meanwhile, from January 1, 2018, a new format for providing targeted social assistance is envisaged. The TSA will include three types of benefits currently available to families with many children and low-income families: a special allowance, regardless of the level of the citizen's income, a child allowance depending on the family income and targeted social assistance. At the same time, the new system provides for the preparation of one package of documents with subsequent referral to one institution.

At the same time, the size of the grant will be increased by an average of 25 percent compared with the benefits received to date.

As a whole, to date, 161,700 Kazakhstanis took part in the " Orleu " project.

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