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Head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection T. Duissenova visited a number of social facilities in the city of Karaganda

working visit

In the framework of the working visit to Karaganda region Minister of labor and social protection of population Tamara Duissenova visited a number of social facilities in the region, met with residents of the rural districts gave an explanation on the socio-labor relations.

Given the fact that the main issue on the agenda was the introduction of the new TSA format, the Minister visited the employment center in Karaganda, where she expressed willingness to answer all the questions of consultants and assistants regarding TSA.

However, one of the main goals in the framework of the working visit to the region was the situation at the enterprises of the region to overflow workers.

The Message to the people of Kazakhstan the Head of state tasked the akimats and the Government to create the conditions for a managed flow of manpower, which occurs as a result of the modernization of large enterprises. The President noted that large enterprises need in cooperation with local administrations to develop appropriate Road map.

In this regard, on the initiative of the Minister of labor and social protection of population Tamara Duissenova held a joint meeting with participation of representatives of JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau" and LLP "Kazakhmys Corporation". Karaganda region, being one of the largest regions of the country, became a place of implementation of the pilot project on management of protokami frames.

"Today in our region started at the conclusion of the roadmaps with strategic companies. Discuss joint action in case of layoffs or additional needs. For organzatsii these works in the region formed the regional headquarters" - said akim of Karaganda region Yerlan Koshanov.

With the introduction of new technologies in traditional industries will be released labor resources. However, the creation and development of new industries will become an additional source of employment and growth of real incomes.

Thus, it is expected investment in the retraining of downsized employees and their future employment. Also supporting processes of mobility of labor from labor-surplus regions, and from rural to urban areas.

To date, the Government has embarked on reforming the employment centers and the creation of a single online platform for all vacant jobs, and all the settlements.

 "I believe that the Road map in the first place for them is a good tool to protect from social risks, which occur as a result of modernization. The government at Central and local levels are ready to support in case of a reduction, and in the case of additional staffing needs. To provide all possible assistance to the employees themselves and need support to enterprises" - concluded the Minister.

Tamara Duissenova has expressed confidence that the implementation of the pilot roadmaps on the site of the Karaganda region will allow to solve topical issues in this direction.

Following the visit to the region under the chairmanship of the Minister of labor and social protection of population held a final meeting with participation of the akimat of the oblast, akims of cities and their deputies.

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