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In Kazakhstan, work electronic records of employment contracts


With information about the development of information resources of system of social-labor sphere in the framework of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan" on the Government meeting by the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova.

So, on the basis of a Single electronic labor exchange system will be created the reference profile of the employee and consideration of employment agreements e-HR.

Translated into electronic format employment contract will eliminate paper work books, to obtain information on formal employment of citizens, which will only include the date of the agreement.

Also, it will be possible to maintain a worker's profile and confirm its competence in the online mode.

As stressed by the Minister of labor, the project will be implemented under PPP.

"This year work will be begun in one pilot region. Further, according to the results, the system will be implemented across the country. Implementation of the project requires amendments to the Labor code. Upon approval we will begin to prepare the draft of the law" - said Tamara Duissenova.

Also on the basis of the electronic labor exchange is planned the creation of a system of electronic registration of self-employed with incomes below 12 MW in the notification procedure. Information about registration will be reflected in the information system of the state revenue Committee of MF RK.

In General, data from the labor exchange for was self-employed prisoners and employment contracts will be received in the state database of individuals. This will ensure automatic appropriation and regular updating of social status of citizens.

Created by the Department of unified information system social and labor sphere includes several projects. It – labor and employment, social insurance, pension and social security, social support, social services and migration.

Changed on 21 November, 2017 - 14:16
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