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Under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Erbolat Dosayev, a meeting on the formalization of self-employed

Ministry of Labor

On December 22, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a meeting on the implementation of the Roadmap for the formalization of the self-employed population in the video selector mode.

Representatives of central state bodies and local executive bodies took part in it.

It should be reminded that within the framework of the instruction of the Head of State N.A Nazarbayev, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan developed a Road Map for 2018-2019 on formalizing and involving the informally employed population in the country's economy.

As part of the execution of the instruction, a joint detour was carried out by joint efforts of the interested bodies - social protection, state revenues, justice, police service. As a result, a contingent of persons requiring clarification of their social status was identified.

Today, the Road Map is being implemented in the following areas:

- actualization of information of departed, deceased and learning persons;

- formalization of employees and IP, who do not deduct mandatory pension contributions;

- involvement in productive employment of persons classified as unproductive self-employed citizens.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Yerbolat Dosayev instructed to complete this work as soon as possible, noting that the processing of information must be done in the most careful way.

"To this end, state bodies need to integrate the base of state bodies and carry out a great deal of joint work," the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

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