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Prepared a General agreement on the basic directions of regulating socio-labor relations

General agreement

The Ministry of labor and social protection of population of ROK jointly with the social partners to develop a draft agreement between the Government, Republican associations of workers and employers in 2018 – 2020.

His main result is a complete parafarmatseya of work of the institution. It began with the development and adoption of Laws RK "On trade unions" and the new labor code.

According to the Minister of labor and social protection of population of RK Tamara Duissenova, the practice of application of the new model showed a positive trend.

"The number of employees with social security contributions, last year grew by nearly 100 thousand people. The collective agreement now have 90% of large and medium-sized enterprises, 31% of small businesses. Over the last three years the number of affected workers in manufacturing has decreased by 16%," - said the Minister.

New ganapataye consists of two parts. The basic, consisting of seven sections, addressing issues of technological modernization of the economy, promoting formal and productive employment, improving the quality of human capital, conditions and labor protection, industrial and environmental safety.

The second part consists of the roadmap for the implementation of specific measures by the social partners.

In the framework of the General agreement, we paid special attention to technological modernization of the economy.

Thus, the Government will organize the implementation of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", provided coordination and monitoring of implementation roadmaps for the management of protokami workforce.

In turn, associations of employers will have implemented measures for the introduction of digital technologies in the basic sectors of the economy and accelerated the process of updating the fixed assets, especially in industries with harmful and dangerous working conditions.

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