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The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents a comprehensive information and explanatory program "Aleumet"


Today, on the platform of the media center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the people of Kazakhstan, a presentation of the " Aleumet" program was held.

It consists of 4 directions, covering all categories of the population of the country: "Otbasy - Family", "Zhastar praktirsy - Youth Practice", "Yekbek - Trud", "Zeynet - Pension".

The program was developed by the employees of the agency in order to increase the level of awareness of the population on issues of the social and labor sphere. All activities implemented within the framework of the " Aleumet " program will be implemented on the basis of the principles of accessibility, openness, efficiency, transparency.

"Based on the working trips of the Minister of Labor Tamara Duissenova to the regions, citizens' applications through public reception offices, through the official website of the Ministry, the blog platform and the messenger messenger we analyzed the level of awareness of the population on social and labor issues, social support provided by the state, changes in the pension system and other issues. Thus, we came to the conclusion that the population does not fully possess information about their labor rights and social guarantees. At the same time, the involvement of citizens in a full-fledged economic life largely depends on the social activity of citizens, "- the press secretary of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the people of Kazakhstan, Nurlybek Zhenisbek.

Svetlana Zhakupova, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, spoke about the directions of the program - "Otbasy - Family". According to her, this area includes informing 5 categories of the population among which are mothers and families with children under 1 year old; families with disabled children; families that lost their bread-winners and took children into custody or guardianship; poor families and mothers with many children - about their labor rights and social guarantees.

"For example, today the Ministry is doing a lot of work to obtain public services for women with children. Four types of services related to the registration of the birth of a child, placement in the queue for preschool institutions, the appointment of benefits, the assignment of social benefits are combined into one proactive service and will be provided without the personal treatment of women. To date, the pilot implementation of this service, after which a full-scale launch is planned, "the vice-minister said.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Altayev told about the second direction of the program "Zhastar practicasy - Youth Practice". According to him, within the framework of the Employment Program, the issue of employing young professionals from among graduates has been resolved.

 "After graduating from the school, young children faced the problem of finding a job because of a lack of work experience. Now, they can apply to the Employment Center at their place of residence, choose an organization and pass a youth practice in their specialty. Here he can recruit the necessary work experience within 6 months. At the same time, wages in the amount of 25 MCI - which is 60 125 tenge in 2018 - are fully paid by the state. Further his constant employment is already dependent on the youngest specialist, "said Vice Minister Nurzhan Altayev.

Within the third direction of the "Yekbek-Trud" program, Nurzhan Altayev drew attention to the need to report to every citizen of the country about the social guarantees that are concluded in the basis of the Employment Contract.

"It is the conclusion of the employment contract that guarantees the observance of labor rights for wages, rest, record of seniority, observance of working conditions, as well as obtaining social guarantees such as payment of social contributions and pension contributions, receiving compensation payments," the Vice-Minister said.

The fourth direction of the "Zeynet-Pensions" program is devoted to the issues of pension provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In this part, changes were made in the procedure for assigning a basic pension since July of the current year and other changes in this direction.

Within the framework of the press conference, the first results of the What’s up-messenger operation, launched on January 17 of this year with the aim of more rapid response to citizens' appeals, were summed up.

"For about 20 days of functioning of this service about 1500 Kazakhstanis applied to us. A total of about 1107 questions related to the social and labor sphere were received. To date, about 916 applicants have received answers to their questions, the rest are provided in daily mode. In general, most of the issues concern Addressed social assistance of a new format. In second place among the frequently asked questions is the social protection of the population. On the third place - violations in the field of labor legislation - the press secretary of the minister summarized.

It should be noted that this was the first press conference on the site of the opened media center of the MLSP of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to Nurlybek Zhenisbek, such briefings will be weekly. In addition, on the basis of the media center, it is planned to conduct training seminars, trainings for media representatives and speakers from among the ministry's staff. All this will promote awareness of the population and increase the legal literacy of the population in matters of the social and labor sphere.

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