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The law on migration will be amended


Today at the plenary session of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Madina Abylkasymova presented a draft law on amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the issues of employment and migration of the population. "

The amendments to the law provide for separation of functions in the sphere of migration.

Thus, the powers of the formation of state policy in the sphere of migration transferred from the Ministry of National Economy in the Ministry of Labor, and the issues of inter-agency coordination and implementation of the state policy in the field of migration will be within the competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the Minister of Labor, the Law "On migration" was amended, giving the possibility of extending oralman status.

"Today oralman status is granted for a period of up to one year or until the date of receipt of Citizenship. For those who for whatever reason do not have time to do this will be provided for the possibility of extending the status for a period not exceeding three months, once and only for Kazakhstan citizenship through a simplified procedure "- the Minister said relevant departments Madina Abylkasymova.

In addition, the law "On migration of population" made clarifying amendments providing coverage and support measures for the inclusion of the regional quota is not only "immigrants and their families", but also a separate "persons", including unmarried.

In general, the bill submitted by the Minister of Labor, provides for amendments and additions to the 3 and 5 of the Code of Laws.

Changed on 21 February, 2018 - 18:06
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