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On the activities of the Ethics Commissioners for 2017

On the activities of the Ethics Commissioners for 2017

The central apparatus of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan independent post of Commissioner of Ethics introduced in Q4 2017, the Commissioner of Ethics Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan appointed Nasi Raw Kazhymuratuly (Order of 27.10.2017№ 94 g).

A Labor Committee, Social Protection and Migration and its territorial departments of the Commissioner of the Ethics function assigned to the 17 civil servants, gained recognition and respect in the team.

Information about the commissioners for ethics, including the name, initials, photo, office numbers and telephone numbers are available on the Internet site of the Ministry and in places accessible for public viewing.

During the reporting period with the competent ethics conducted work aimed at the compliance of Kazakhstan legislation in the areas of public service, anti-corruption and the Code of Ethics for civil servants.

So, in 2017:

- for individual advice from a commissioner for ethics applied 36 persons, 28 of them civil servants, 8 citizens. All addressed given oral explanations on the issues raised by.

- has received 7 complaints on violation of ethics by public servants, including:

1 a written request from a public servant of the central apparatus the adoption of measures aimed at protecting and restoring rights and legitimate interests 4 from individuals and legal entities;

2 from government agencies (Department ADGSiPK of Almaty oblast akimat Kyzylorda oblast);

 Total of 7 hits 5-founded, and all 5 Handling the necessary measures taken.

During the reporting period, the Ombudsman Ethics held - 49 of preventive measures (Workshop - meetings, lectures, and activities "Doors Open Day" with the participation of representatives of other government agencies, including the "Nur Otan" party).

Commissioners for Ethics carried out 17 visits to the regions, including 2 in the regional centers, 5 regional and 10 visits to rural districts.

In order to coordinate the work of the Ethics Commissioners in the territorial departments, as well as for a meeting with the staff of the departments in December 2017 Ethics Commissioner of the Ministry carried out visits to the territorial departments of Akmola and North Kazakhstan region.

In 2018 it will also continue to conduct exit meetings with the territorial departments.

In accordance with the requirement of subparagraph 10) of paragraph 3 of the Regulation on the Commissioner for Ethics, in order to monitor compliance with the rules of professional ethics, as well as the state of the moral and psychological climate in the team, every six months, carried out an anonymous survey among civil servants in general, during the reporting period, in the survey was attended by 407 civil servants.

The analysis revealed that, overall, moral - psychological atmosphere in the team is stable.

In addition, on an ongoing basis the work of monitoring personal social accounts of civil servants, in order to identify members of the Ministry, which publish incriminating and defamatory content on the Internet site (created storage folder).

However, despite the constant reminders and warnings on compliance professional ethics and legislation on public service, anti-corruption and Code of Ethicscivil servants of the Republic of KazakhstanAmong employees, there are employees who ignore the requirements and permit violations.

So, in 2017:

- 4 territorial personnel departments fired state of negative grounds, i.e. due to corruption offenses (TD Karagandinskaya, Kyzylordinskaya, Almaty region and SKO);

- disciplinary responsibility for violations of ethics 5 employees of territorial departments were involved.

Overall, the analysis showed that civil servants are admitted violation of ethics expressed in the unethical treatment of citizens, including in the provision of advice on public services to citizens. Allowed to breach of professional ethics beyond the call time, including driving a vehicle while intoxicated, or appearance in a public place while intoxicated. In addition, there are violations related to actions that could compromise public servant and give rise to criticism on the part of society, "the publication of the photo."

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