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Can I prematurely withdraw their retirement savings

Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On pension provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan", defines the legal basis of pensions, provides conditions for the occurrence of which citizens are entitled to receive their pension savings, namely:

- when you reach retirement age 63 years- for men / 58.6 years for women;

- men at the - 55 / Female - 50.5 years, and the adequacy of pension savings to ensure payment of not less than the minimum pension in accordance with the paragraph 1 Article 59 hereof;

- invalids of the first and second groups, if the disability is established in perpetuity;

- who left for permanent residence outside the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners and stateless persons who have submitted the documents specified by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, confirming the fact of departure.

  Other grounds for withdrawal of pension savings in force Legislation is not provided.

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