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I in 2017 retired. The amount of accumulation is UAPF 2 250 000 m. Last year was 760 000 thousand in the year 945 000 thousand. Money protruding parts. Please tell me if I can get the remainder of their retirement savings

In accordance with the applicable pension legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan pension payments from the Single accumulative pension fund (hereinafter - UAPF) paid to beneficiaries from the date of treatment and should be made to the complete exhaustion of retirement savings.

    However, in order to increase the total size of pension payments (received from the state budget and pension savings from UAPF) from January 1, 2018 payment of UAPF carried out on a monthly basis.

   At the same time, for the pensioners who exercised their right to 2018, will remain the periodicity of pension payments (monthly, quarterly, annually).

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