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Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population N. Altenov Kyzylorda told about the new opportunities in the expansion of micro-credit

a trip to the region

During his working trip to Kyzylorda region Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagintayev met with the employees of education, health and social services on the implementation of social initiatives of the President of the Five.

Participants of the meeting discussed the new opportunities offered by social initiatives of the President: affordable housing, tax reduction, a new package for students - additional grants and dormitories, microcredit expansion, a new pipeline to improve the quality of life and business development in the regions.

New opportunities in the fourth initiative "Expanding microcredit", explained Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Nurjan Altenov.

According to the vice-minister in the framework of realization of the Message to people of Kazakhstan on January 10, 2018 "New opportunities of development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution" by the Ministry of Labor implemented the project "Development of the labor market in the light of the requirements of the new economy."

"The aim of the project is to build a system that provides the economy with quality personnel, ability to create and work in new economic conditions Industry 4.0." - said Nurzhan Altenov.

All this is reflected in the 5 key initiatives involving planning and forecasting new formation cadres, increasing the productivity of existing employees, management flow of labor resources in promising sectors, productive employment and involvement in the mass business of self-employed and the unemployed.

In every region of the country develop a detailed plan for the implementation of each initiative. At the central and regional levels will be solved the problem of building a national system for forecasting, development of new professions Atlas until 2030, which will serve as a navigator for young people.

It will be implemented the principle of "learning throughout life" for the growth of productivity of existing workers in the sectors.

An important objective of the project is to control overflows redundant workforce.

This issue, Vice-Minister of Nurzhan Altenov recommended to pay special attention.

"In Kyzylorda region 19 companies, each of which employs more than 500 workers. In the 17 enterprises there is a risk of release, including a 5-Tew companies already signed Roadmaps. I consider it necessary to the regional headquarters of Kyzylorda region to strengthen this work and to ensure the conclusion of roadmaps with all the major companies in the region "- said N.Altaev.

One of the main objectives of the regional headquarters of the vice-minister said the transformation of employment centers of population, which should be a "one-stop shop in the labor market" with the provision of services for counseling, vocational guidance, measures to promote employment, employment, the implementation of social payments and benefits.

During the meeting, they were presented the results of the implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and the mass of business in 2017.

Last year, its participants became more than half a million people across the country. Of these, 315,000 were employed on permanent jobs, 108,000 were trained. 7300 on the implementation of business projects given preferential micro loans worth over 34 bln., More than 15 000 unemployed and self-employed people trained in the basics of business.

In 2018 it provided 87.1 billion. Tenge for the implementation of the country program.

This year, on behalf of the Head of State announced in the "Five social initiatives" on mikrokreditnovaniyu funding will be increased by 20 billion tenge will be this year -.. 62 billion tenge, which will cover microcredit more than 14 thousand people in the country.

In Kyzylorda region of this amount, 3.5 billion tenge will be allocated.

Within the framework of the project "Bastau Business" in 2018 in the region it is planned to teach the basics of business - 1 600 persons, 100 of state grants of up to 100 MCI will be provided in the region for the implementation of new business ideas.

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