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In Almaty, discussed the issues of cooperation in the sphere of labor migration and social protection of workers of the Eurasian Economic Union

advisory committee

April 6 this year in Almaty hosted the fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee on social security, respect for the pension rights, health care and professional workers of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the authorized state and the competent authorities of the Member States on social development, the International Association of Pension and Social Funds, the General Confederation of Trade Unions and others.

The agenda of the Committee meeting included issues of compliance of pension rights, health care and professional workers of the Member States EAEC, recognition of documents on education in the State of employment and opportunities for the citizens of the EAEC to work as part of the flight crew of a civil aircraft of the Member States without ANY KIND any restrictions, as well as the further integration of the promising directions of development in the social and labor sphere.

ERISA draft Treaty provides for the formation of pension rights of workers under the same conditions and in the same manner as for the state of employment of citizens, issues relating to the appointment and the export of pensions of workers, as well as the development of cooperation in the field of pensions between Member States . It is expected that this document will be adopted in 2018.

For two days, representatives of the participating countries, experts have been working on the improvement and harmonization of the basic rules and approaches of the treaty, as well as the procedure of interaction. As a result, we managed to reach a number of agreements on the basic positions of the document.

"The main purpose of the contract - this is, firstly, social protection, social security without borders within the framework of the Eurasian Union to while traveling, in the implementation of work in the territory of any State, respectively, were the guarantee of pensions" - said Deputy Minister labor and social protection of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova population.

Also during the meeting of the Advisory Committee, it was agreed to hold a meeting in the health experts of the sides to resolve the issue related to the provision of health care workers and family members, including in those Member States where there is no system of compulsory health insurance, taking into account guarantees of workers and family members on the same terms and in the same manner as the citizens of the state of employment.

The sides discussed the need to study the establishment of an information resource on the UNECE website, which would provide information on issued in the Member States documents on education in various fields. Employers using this system could authenticate documents issued in the Member States EAEC.

Another important issue on the agenda - discussion of further promising areas of integration in the sphere of social security, respect for the pension rights, health care and professional workers of the Member States. In this regard, at the meeting of the Advisory Committee was presented to the initiative of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the establishment of the Eurasian electronic labor exchange.

The main priority of Kazakhstan's initiative is to achieve the goals of the digital agenda: the free movement of labor force within the EAEC in the development of the digital economy, the desire to create a single market of labor resources and simplify workers' employment procedures in the Member States EAEC to meet modern conditions of interaction of employers and workers (employees) in the member States EAEC.

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