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In Kazakhstan, the process of formalization of self-employed people

Government meeting

The issue of implementation of the Roadmap for the formalization of self-employed people was considered at today's meeting of the Government.

Recall, updating the status of self-employed people is conducted in all regions of the country. More than half of people without status in the country is concentrated in 4 regions. This SKO (20%), Almatinskaya region (16%), Almaty (8%) and EKR (7%).

How to tell the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova, since the beginning of the year from 2.7 million. Stateless status, today updated the status of 607,000 people.

"As a result of implementation of the Roadmap for the formalization of 193,000 employees have concluded employment contracts, compulsory pension contributions have started to do them, 12 000 entrepreneurs have registered their activities with the tax authorities. Today neakturalizirovannymi statuses are about 2.1 million people. "- noted the Minister.

Considerable work on mainstreaming held in South Kazakhstan region, which is actualized more than 101 thousand persons. About 86 thousand people actualized in the Almaty region. By the way, in these areas holds much of the people without status in the country.

new detailed questionnaire on the basis of which the citizen is assigned a social status, employment sector selected is designed to improve the work of formalizing the self-employed by the Ministry of Labor, then performed further updated in the databases of government agencies.

Elaborate on the introduction of 4 new channel updating. The first channel will be implemented through the e-government portal e-Gov. Second and third channels - via the Unified Contact Center in 1414, and organizations that provide services to the public, such as public service centers and medical facilities. The fourth channel will be organized through mobile messaging.

"Given that among the remaining citizens account for a significant proportion of workers without OPV Akimats important to work actively within the" labor agreement "- said the Minister of Labor Madina Abylkasymova.

The action includes specific targeted interventions to refine the jobs these people, identifying their employers, promote the conclusion of contracts, detect violations and punishment of employers who illegally attracting workers or violate the execution of labor relations.

However, in May of this year, the Ministry of Labor is planned to launch hotline for employees, for which they will be able to claim on the facts of violations by employers. The information will be transferred to the governorates for appropriate action.

To simplify the registration and legalization of the informal working population is proposed to introduce a special tax regime - A single aggregate payment that combines 4 payment (PPI, the OPW, contributions to the FSMS and SSIF) into one. Payment of the CAP would mean the automatic registration of activity and participation in health and social insurance, pension security.

Also, a significant number of persons without status accounts for the self-employed and the unemployed. According to him Akimats The involvement in the program of development of productive employment and mass business.

This year, the Program is planned to involve about 571 thousand people.

At present, measures to promote employment of 123,000 people covered.

An important area of ​​the Road Map for the formalization of the modernization of the labor market infrastructure through which citizens provide access to productive employment.

On January 1, 2018 launched portal of electronic labor exchange in Kazakhstan. At the moment the portal takes 2nd place in Kazakhstan in attendance among the sites on the subject of "Employment and Jobs" and the 74 th place among all Kazakhstani sites.

Through this online resource to employ more than 21 thousand people, 28 thousand registered employers by creating your "My Account".

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