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317 people since the beginning of the year affected the production

Briefing Ministry of Labor

These data were presented today at a briefing in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by Chief Labor Inspector, chairman of the Labor Committee, Social Protection and Migration ACMAD Sarbasov, as well as Deputy Chairman of the Committee - Tolegen Ospankulov.

Head of the Committee noted that according to latest data from the International Labor Organization (ILO) annually due to accidents at work and work-related illnesses killed 2.78 million. Workers.

Of these, 2.4 million (86.3 percent) are killed as a result of work-related illnesses and 380 thousand (13.7 percent) -. In accidents at work.

However, ACMAD Sarbasov emphasized that Kazakhstan according authorized body of 1.7 Mill. Workers surveyed in 2017, at the working conditions, 370 th. Or every fourth (23.0%) were employed in hazardous conditions labor.

"The high level of noise and vibration worked almost every second (44,2%) conditions, under the influence of high gas content and a dust content of the working area - a third (33.7%). Heavy physical labor were employed 84.6 thousand people (5.1% of the enterprises surveyed employees) ", -. ACMAD Sarbasov said.

Head of the Committee noted that one of the important directions of state control is to ensure a safe working environment, paying attention to the positive dynamics of reducing the number of victims over the past three years by 16%.

In terms of sectors of the economy affected the greatest number of notes at the enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex - 16.0% and the construction sector - 15.2%.

During the first quarter of 2018 the number of injured at work, compared to the same period last year, decreased by 7% and amounted to 317 people.

State inspection results show that over the past 5 years, more than 30% of violations falls on the area of ​​security and safety. Following the results of 2017 state labor inspectors conducted 9920 inspections regions, revealed 14892 violations, including in the field of occupational safety and health - 4112. At the request of state labor inspectors employers dismissed from their posts 298 officers, banned the work of 22 equipments and production facilities and activities of 15 organizations.

At the end of the briefing, said the head of the Committee of the forthcoming 8th Kazakhstan International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Safety and Security - KIOSH 2018 on April 26-27 this year in Astana.

Within two days of the exhibition will focus on bringing together government agencies, businesses, community organizations, aimed at reducing accidents in enterprises, reducing the risk of accidents at work sites, as well as to minimize the possibility of damage to the environment and society, prevention of occupational diseases, increase productivity labor. At the same time, the creation of safe working conditions and reducing occupational accidents is one of the key tasks of the Government of Kazakhstan and the MLSPP RK.

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