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Formalization of activities of self-employed senators discussed in Kostanay

meetings in Kostanay

Issues of implementation of the Roadmap to 2018-2019 to formalize the activities of the self-employed in the light of the President's Address "New opportunities of development in the context of the fourth industrial revolution" discussed during the visiting session of the Committee on Socio-Cultural Development and Science of the Senate.

In his welcome address Akim of Kostanay region Arhimed Mukhambetov informed the senators about how to implement the Road Map and the program of productive employment and mass business in the region. For example, in the area of ​​employment measures is planned to cover more than 22 thousand people this year. To date, involving more than 6000 people, or 30% of the annual plan. In the past year, as the head of the region noted, Kostanay region exceeded the plan, this year plans - similar. "This year continues to implement the program of productive employment and mass business, the realization of which is allocated 6 billion 400 million tenge. Also, in the execution of five initiatives of the President in addition allocated for micro-crediting of 1 billion 518 million tenge, "- voiced by the numbers A. Mukhambetov. In addition, in conjunction with the Fund "Damu" the program "Қos Koldau" the financing of 1 billion tenge, and also operates a microcredit organization in the framework of the memorandum with the akimat Natspalatoy entrepreneurs and the Eurasian Group, which gives microcredits to entrepreneurs. For microcredit in the area, according to Arhimed Muhambetova, there are more than 5 billion tenge. And if it is a good development funds, regional administration is ready to allocate additional funds from the local budget. According to Arhimed Muhambetova, there are more than 5 billion tenge. And if it is a good development funds, regional administration is ready to allocate additional funds from the local budget. According to Arhimed Muhambetova, there are more than 5 billion tenge. And if it is a good development funds, regional administration is ready to allocate additional funds from the local budget.

Chairman of the Committee, deputy of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament Byrganym Aitimova thanked akim for attending the meeting and noted the positive dynamics of the work of Kostanay region on the implementation of the Roadmap. "We met with the regional headquarters for the formalization of activities of self-employed. Therefore, we have to assume certain tasks to improve the work on the definition of self-employed. We are impressed by how seriously and thoroughly work in this area akimat. We hope that the experience of Kostanai region will be useful for other regions ", - said B.Aitimova.

During the meeting, the vice-minister of labor and social protection of population Nurjan Altayev. As it turned out, since the beginning of the year from 2.7 million. Man who had no status in the public databases, today updated the status of 607,000 people. "193 thousand employees have concluded employment contracts, compulsory pension contributions have started to do them, 12 000 entrepreneurs have registered their activity, 36 thousand people are involved in employment promotion measures. Those without status - 2.1 million people. Of these, 47% - self-employed, informally employed workers are hired - 40% and 12% - unemployed. In each area there are regional headquarters to formalize and approved road maps ", - said N. Altayev.

Kostanay region as N. Altayev said, it is one of the areas where doing a good job in the formalization. To date, continued N. Altayev, most people actualized in South Kazakhstan, in Almaty region. The lowest indicators of actualization - in West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda oblast, Astana. "Given that among the remaining citizens account for a significant proportion of informal workers, who are working without contracts, we have started to work in the framework of the campaign" Seal the Deal. " In this regard, it akimats important to actively to work within the "labor agreement", which includes specific measures to clarify the jobs these people, identifying their employers, promote the conclusion of contracts, detect violations and punishment of the employers who violate the execution of labor legislation ", - Vice Minister noted.

Chairman B.Aitimova Committee inquired as to how it will be implemented an electronic labor exchange in the countryside, in remote villages and settlements, taking into account the fact that not all have the Internet. Also, it was interested in the people who work in bazaars, markets, which many in Almaty and Astana, as the state authorities are working with this category of actualization of income. As said Vice Minister N. Altayev, all areas today provided the Internet and access to the labor exchange is always there. "In those villages where there is no Internet, there is a traditional labor exchange, where people work governorates. Electronic Labor Exchange implemented as an additional tool such as a unified base of vacancies, "- said Deputy Minister. "With regard to employment in the markets, we are working with the State Revenue Committee of the matter. It was the introduction of the single social payment. The assurances of the Ministry of Finance, just on the situation clear markets. Because the responsibility - to the market administrator. All people are registered in the organs of state incomes ", - N. Altayev said.

Following the meeting, it has been developed recommendations to improve the collaboration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security with the state authorities and local executive bodies. Recommendations for the future will be directed to the Government. 

Source: inform.kz

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