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Summary of Remarks by Minister of Abylkasymova ME Government meeting February 13, 2018

Dear Bakhytzhan Abdirovich!

Dear colleagues!

The implementation of the Work Plan of the Government in view of the President's instructions for 2018 given at the enlarged session of the Government, the work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare will focus on the following:

The main priority will be given to the implementation of orders of the President of the formalization of the self-employed.

In order to run medical insurance system in 2019, the Ministry will continue updating the social status of citizens with special attention to two groups.

Firstly, it is 1.6 million. Unproductive self-employed and the unemployed. Among them this year about half a million people will be involved in the akims road maps for the formalization of the self-employed. For its part, the Ministry will monitor the implementation of these roadmaps.

Secondly, it is 1.1 million informally employed people -. That is, employees who have no pension contributions and unregistered businesses.

Together with 5 ministries (NEM, MOF, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health) will be worked out the systemic nature of the measures to be included in the Law on legalization project activities informally employed. The bill will be provided to develop proposals to improve tax legislation regarding the regulation of self-employment tax, as well as reform of the PIT for the purpose of tax incentives for self-release "out of the shadows."

We propose to shift the development of this bill at an earlier date - the end of the year in the second quarter - with subsequent submission to the Parliament.

The next priority in the work of the Ministry - is the digitalization of the social and labor sphere.

Today, unified information system containing personal data of the Ministry of 14.5 million. People, accompanying them from birth to retirement age.

First, we intend to ensure the automation of business processes, and proactively address format providing services to the population.

Second, the development of the unified information system will provide a contribution to the overall digitization of Kazakhstan.

The development will be provided through three projects:

The development of electronic labor exchange;

A pilot project on introduction of «e-HR» systems (creation of a system of electronic registration of labor contracts, the introduction of electronic employment record books);

development of an electronic portal of social services in parallel with the modernization of medical and social examination services.

These projects will help in monitoring the dynamics of the formal labor market and increasing the efficiency of social services.

In addition, the Ministry in terms of legislative activity provides:

  • to develop two concept of the bill: on labor regulation; and to improve the mechanisms of regulation of migration;
  • the development of two of the draft law - a change in the legislation on trade union activities; and "On Compulsory Social Insurance" in the new edition, providing for the improvement of the parameters of payment of the social security system and strengthen their relationship with the length of service;
  • the adoption of two Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan - a change in the law on employment, providing for the involvement of private employment agencies by outsourcing the provision of public services for employment and the introduction of the Unified Electronic Labor Exchange; as well as changes in the law on social security.

Also in accordance with the Work Plan of the Government, the Ministry planned:

  • development and implementation of the road map for the development of national qualifications systems;
  • Further monitoring of the implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship, as well as regional road maps for the management of cross-flows of labor resources as a result of the modernization of large enterprises;
  • further development of social and labor sphere on the transformation of public employment centers; the introduction of a new format of the TSA; implementation of new methods of state basic pension assignment depending on seniority; securing the appointment of state social benefits for parents, carers of adults disabled since childhood of group 1; as well as the transformation of the work of sectoral and regional tripartite commission on social partnership.

Also, proposals to improve the pension system and the Action Plan for implementation of the Migration Policy Concept of 2017 - 2021 years.

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