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Feed request a quotation. IT equipment for the Project Management Unit

Feed request a quotation

Date: «18» May 2018

The project "Development of skills and stimulate job creation"

Loan № 8490-KZ

Contract № KZSJ-3 / OE-15 "Purchase of IT equipment for the Project Management Unit. "


Ladies and gentlemen,

1. You are hereby invited to submit quotations for the purchase of the following items:

IT equipment for the Project Management Unit.

Information about the technical specifications and the required quantities are attached (Appendix 1).

2. These products constitute 1 lot, you can submit your offer price to only one lot. The contract will be awarded to the firm submitting the lowest price on the very lot.

3. Your quotation in the attached application may be sent by fax or electronically to the following address: kzsj_zakup@mail.ru;


you can deliver your quotation in the prescribed form to the following address:

The Project Management Unit "Development of skills and stimulate job creation"

Business center "Eurocenter" 

Str. Syganak 29, Office 1507

Astana city

Postal Code: 010000

Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

+7 7172 64-27-49.

4. Your quotation in duplicate in Russian should be accompanied by adequate technical documentation and catalogs and other printed material or pertinent information in Russian for each item of goods for which the price named or relevant information, including names and addresses of providing these services for companies goods in Kazakhstan.

5. The deadline for receipt of your quotation to the address specified in paragraph 3: 21 May, 2018.

6. Your price offers should be submitted according to the instructions and in accordance with the conditions and terms of delivery specified in the attached contract. The attached terms and conditions of purchase are an integral part of the contract.

(I) PRICES: The prices are indicated in the CIP Astana conditions depending on the location of the final poluchatelyadlya imported goods or on delivery ex-works in the products and services offered within the country of the buyer plus the price of delivery to the destination, according to INCOTERMS, 2010 Prices may be specified in any currency of a member country of the Bank, including the European currency unit (EUR), but it can be used no more than three foreign currencies. 

(Ii) EVALUATION OF PRICE PROPOSALS: The proposals that essentially comply with the technical specifications will be evaluated by comparing them by converting their CIP / EXW (plus the price of delivery to the destination, including additional costs such as insurance, etc. .) to the final destination in KZT, using the selling rate of the currency by the National Bank of Kazakhstan on the date specified in paragraph 5 to submit price proposals. When assessing price Purchaser will determine for each proposal the estimated value by adjusting the price quotation by means of adjustments of any arithmetic errors in the following cases:

  1. at discrepancy between the amount in figures and words, the amount indicated will words defining;
  2. when a discrepancy between the unit price and item total resulting from multiplying the unit price and quantity, the announced price will be decisive for the unit;
  3. if the Supplier refuses to accept the correction, his proposal is rejected.


In addition to the bid price, the estimated price includes:

  • All customs, import duties and any taxes or payments, applicable on import of goods to Kazakhstan, and
  • Value added tax (VAT) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


(Iii) ATTRIBUTION purchase orders: The order will be awarded to the participant who has offered the lowest estimated price that meets the required standards of technical and financial capacity. Successful participants will sign a contract in accordance with the attached form of contract, the terms and conditions of supply.      

(Iv) DURATION OF PROPOSALS: Your quotations must be valid for a period of 60 days from the final date of the offer specified in paragraph 5 of this request for quotation. 

7. For more information, please contact:

The management group project "Development of skills and incentives

work places"

Business center "Eurocenter" 

Str. Syganak 29, Office 1507

Astana city

Postal Code: 010000

Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

+7 7172 64-27-49.

 E-mail address: kzsj_zakup@mail.ru

8. Please confirm by fax / e-mail the receipt of this request and let us know whether you intend to submit a quotation.

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