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The issues of regulation of labor disputes were discussed with the heads of industrial enterprises of the Western region


The seminar-meeting on the social policy of the companies was held in Aktobe.

This event acted as an effective platform for the exchange of experience and best practices in regulating labor issues.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Madina Abylkasymova, the Akim of Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbayev, the representatives of local executive bodies, the heads of the companies of the oil producing and oilfield services sector of Aktyubinsk, Atyrau, Mangistau, West Kazakhstan oblasts, as well as social partners and experts in the field of labor relations.

Today, over 20,000 active enterprises operate in these regions, employing more than 1 million employees, which is 16% of the total number of workers in the country. Collective agreements in the region cover 95% of large and medium-sized enterprises.

During the seminar, measures were taken to ensure labor conditions for employees, issues of collective-contractual relations between employers and employees, as well as mechanisms for conducting negotiations in resolving labor conflicts in companies.

As the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova noted in her speech, the effectiveness of measures taken to prevent social tension in work collectives directly depends on the degree of involvement of the parties in social partnership in this process.

"To this end, in January 2018, a new General Agreement was concluded between the Government, employers and trade unions. Within the framework of the concluded General Agreement between the Government, employers and trade unions, an agreement was reached and integrated measures to regulate labor relations were launched, "the minister said.

 Currently, the current situation in the country's enterprises is assessed by the Labor Risk Card, within which more than 200 enterprises in the risk zone are monitored monthly, with more than 100,000 employees. The result of this work is a 5-fold decrease in labor conflicts in recent years.

One of the important issues in the field of work are high rates of industrial injuries and unfavorable working conditions.

In this regard, the Ministry together with social partners developed a comprehensive Roadmap for reducing injuries and jobs with harmful working conditions for 2019-2021. In organizations, work is being carried out to establish industrial councils for safety and labor protection.

In order to further employ workers released as a result of the modernization of enterprises, the local executive bodies of the western region have signed Roadmaps on the managed flow of workers with 95 large enterprises, employing over 135,000 workers.

Having greeted the guests, Akim of Aktyubinsk region Berdybek Saparbayev informed that the situation in the social and labor sphere in the region remains stable.

"In our region, a comprehensive work is carried out to ensure the execution of instructions of the President of the country on increasing the social responsibility of business and ensuring compliance with labor legislation. Including, for this purpose we conclude memorandums on maintenance of all labor rights and social guarantees of workers. Since the beginning of the year, more than 4,700 memorandums have been signed with large and medium-sized enterprises. Very strictly monitor the timely payment of wages. There are also no facts of employee cutbacks. On the contrary, we do not have enough workers, engineers and technicians, "the oblast akim noted.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Marat Tokhanov, called the collective agreement one of the basic tools that protect the rights and interests of workers.

According to him, today only 33% of enterprises and organizations have concluded a collective agreement and many employers perceive it not as their social responsibility to employees and society, but as additional costs of business.

"We, employees' representatives, must persist every day persuade employers in the need to create a clear system of social partnership, which is developed through the creation of trade unions, through the conclusion of collective agreements. Where there is a collective agreement, there is no shadow economy and gray schemes. We must jointly develop new forms of social and labor contracts that correspond to the modern nature of social and labor relations and the changing world, "M.Tokhanov called

The leaders of the companies Tengizchevroil, Kazmunaigaz, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz, and Burgylau presented the experience of enterprises on corporate social responsibility and measures for ensuring social stability.

Director of the department of JSC NC "KazMunaiGas" Erkin Rahimbergenov said that the main goal of the activity of JSC NC "KazMunaiGas" in the field of social partnership is to prevent labor conflicts, explaining to employees their rights and introducing collective-contractual regulation.

One of the tools to ensure social stability at the enterprise was the introduction in April 2014 of a unified wage system in the business area "Exploration and Production", which has now unified the payment for the same positions and professions.

"This was a solution to the issue of wages at different levels and that disorderly system of raising wages at the request of workers, which existed for several years. Our employees are provided with social support at the enterprise for 35 kinds. At the same time, they are all covered by voluntary medical insurance of workers and their families in case of illness, with material assistance for improvement to annual work leave ".

According to Rzabek Artygaliyev, General Manager of Tengizchevroil LLP, the principles of regulating social and labor relations at the enterprise are strict adherence to the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the existence of a collective agreement and the management of labor relations. The company is interested in improving the well-being of workers by improving the efficiency of the enterprise. Great attention is paid to ensuring a decent level of wages and a social package of workers.

"The first collective agreement of the company was concluded in 1996 and every three years we renew it. In 2016, the company renegotiated the collective agreement, retaining all types of social assistance and payments.

At the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating Company, which is the largest employer in Western Kazakhstan, social responsibility has long been positioned as a condition for the company's sustainable development.

According to Deputy Director General of the company Marat Karimov, the company's social policy practice includes projects of environmental protection, construction of social facilities, development of products of Kazakhstan content.

"Business objectives of the company can be realized only through professionalism, hard work and dedication of the staff. Our employees play a key role in the development and operation of the Karachaganak field. We continue to improve the qualification of our employees through professional training on the basis of the best training centers. This year, as before, we are implementing a program to increase the local content in the cadre, we are conducting a comparative analysis of the levels of labor evaluation with the condition of its adjustment, if necessary, "Karimov shared his experience.

In general, the meeting participants discussed safety and security at work, talked about improving the monitoring of the situation and prevention of conflicts in production, talked about the need for special attention to the issues of training personnel, training in demanded specialties, the formation of values ​​for a healthy lifestyle and the development of mass sports among workers of production.

Note that this was the first of four regional meetings scheduled by the Ministry, scheduled for this year.

Summarizing its results, the head of the profile department thanked the audience for constructive dialogue.

"Today's tripartite approach to solving existing problems will make it possible to translate a lot of things that were announced. Despite the fact that we are doing a lot of work at the legislative level, in the end - very much will depend directly on the trade unions and company management. Because daily work is important, climate monitoring - moods and expectations of employees of enterprises ", - summed up the Minister of Labor Madina Abylkasymova.

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