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Organizations for training and re-qualification of the unemployed and self-employed will undergo special selection

December 11, 2017

Within the framework of the project "Development of labor skills and stimulation of jobs" implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the technical and financial support of the World Bank, selection of training providers will be held. At the moment, there is a selection of educational institutions, the training in which will take place from one to six months. After the approval of the list in January 2018, the selection of training providers on the SABER-Workforce Development ("SABER-labor") assessment method developed by the World Bank will begin. Selection of educational institutions is carried out with the purpose of increasing the relevance of training of labor in the framework of the project "Development of labor skills and stimulation of jobs." The list of potential providers of education services has already been compiled for the city of Astana and the North-Kazakhstan region and has 1,500 educational institutions. The list includes all institutions interested in participating in the project and have the potential to train business and other basic skills. These included state and private organizations of technical and vocational training, higher educational institutions, suppliers working through employment centers, private enterprises with a training and production base, training organizations that conduct courses for upgrading and retraining personnel from one to six months, international training centers and others. In the same way, there will be the formation of lists of potential suppliers in other areas of Kazakhstan. Upon completion of the list, providers of training services will be assessed using the "System approach to improving educational results (SABER)" methodology developed by the World Bank. Methods of data collection include interviews with managers, discussions with students, graduates, trainers, teachers, as well as structured interviews with employers. Based on the results obtained, providers of training services will be divided into categories: approved, pre-approved, disapproved. This ranked list will provide an opportunity to select tools to support training providers within the project. Evaluation and selection of training providers on the compiled list will begin in January 2018.

Source: https://tengrinews.kz/kazakhstan_news/organizatsii-obucheniya-perekvalifikatsii-bezrabotnyih-332991/

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