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In Kazakhstan, they organize short-term training services


The sphere of academic education in our country is clearly regulated, and information on relevant educational institutions can easily be found in open sources. But when there is not enough money or time to get a full-fledged education, various courses come to the aid, where you can learn anything from foreign language to accounting, and for a relatively short time. But how effective are such courses? The sphere of short-term education is practically not regulated, educational organizations appear and disappear, and the quality of their services can be judged only by the fragmentary feedback of those who have already used these services. Nevertheless, the courses are popular with the population, therefore, for the first time in Kazakhstan, a register of organizations providing short-term training services is being created in the framework of the project "Development of labor skills and the stimulation of jobs". The presence of a single list of organizations and areas for which they conduct training, will greatly facilitate the choice of those wishing to take those or other courses. The difficulty is that the information on such organizations is rather fragmentary, and the participation and interest of the providers of training services is very important for compiling a full list. And there is an interest in what - the responding organizations will not simply be included in the list, where they will be found by all who wish. Each of the organizations will undergo an independent evaluation procedure using the World Bank methodology, which will enable it to understand the level of its services and determine its place in the short-term education system. Those who have evaluated the organization will receive free of charge counseling assistance in the form of recommendations for improving the quality and updating of the training services provided. All that is required is to submit an application and, of course, to assist the project specialists in the assessment. All organizations are guaranteed an objective approach, and applications are accepted from training centers of any form of property, from any region of the country, that is, without any restrictions. Those organizations whose services will be evaluated at a sufficiently high level will be able to qualify for providing training to unemployed, unproductive self-employed and enterprise employees, which will be conducted and paid for as part of the project. Applications are accepted by e-mail: info@cipe.kz and g.kussidenova@cipe.kz. For more information, please call (Astana): +7 (7172) 256426, 253961, 253971.

Read more: https://tengrinews.kz/strange_news/kazahstane-sistematiziruyut-uslugi-kratkosrochnogo-340876/

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