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The issues of payment of compulsory pension contributions by individuals engaged in activities under civil law contracts were commented by Svetlana Zhakupova, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population

Ministry of Labor

As explained by the vice minister, all pension contributions are paid directly from the income earned by citizens.

"Earned income for an employee of an enterprise is his salary, for an individual entrepreneur it is income received directly from entrepreneurial activity, for private notaries it is income from the services rendered to them. And for citizens who perform work or services for individuals or legal entities on the basis of onerous contracts (civil law contracts) - mandatory pension contributions are paid from the incomes received by them on the basis of the performance of these works or services. the family of personal property does not belong here, "- summed up S.Zhakupova.

In accordance with the amendments to the Law on Pension Provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as of July 14 this year. individuals receiving income under civil law contracts, as well as lawyers, private judicial executors, private notaries, professional mediators, individual entrepreneurs, pay mandatory pension contributions to a single accumulative pension fund in their favor from incomes to be paid .

These revenues, as well as the procedure and terms for their payment, are determined by the Rules and terms of calculating, withholding (charging) and transferring mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions to the single accumulative pension fund and penalties for them approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 18, 2013 No. 1116.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population prepared a draft Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan providing for determining the procedure and deadlines for the payment of mandatory pension contributions by individuals receiving income from civil law contracts. The project to date, undergoes the procedure of coordination with interested state bodies, expert councils and accredited organizations.

Once again, we note that under the income of individuals obtained under civil law contracts, as before, the income earned by citizens as a result of works or services.

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