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Head of the Ministry of Labor Madina Abylkasymova told about the work on youth employment

meeting of the Government

As the head of the department reported today during the meeting of the Government, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carried out work on classifying young people in terms of level of education, social status, work experience, income level and type of residence.

Thus, seven categories of youth have been identified, according to which specific targeted measures will be implemented in the framework of the Roadmap for Employment and Socialization of Youth, depending on the need for education, employment, and social support.

In general, the unemployment rate in the Republic is 4.9%, youth unemployment is low and is 3.8% or 82.4 thousand people.

"In the second quarter of 2018, the total number of employed young people was 2.1 million people. Every year more than 120 thousand school leavers enter the labor market, 18% of them go to colleges, 60% go to colleges, 19% - without qualification. By the level of education, 36% of young people have higher education, 39% have specialized secondary education, 25% have basic, general, primary education, "said Minister M. Abylkasymova.

In addition, within the framework of state support for young people, 13.5 thousand people are sent to short-term vocational training on the basis of colleges and training centers to obtain skills in demand on the labor market.

4 536 young people were sent to the basics of entrepreneurship training under the Bastau-Business project this year, 396 people received microcredits. At present, 136,900 young people are employed by the Program, of which 86,700 are permanent jobs.

38 thousand young people are covered by the project "Free technical and vocational training for all". Annually more than 21 thousand people study in this direction.

In the framework of synergy with other programs, an additional tool is provided - "Mangilik el zhastary - industriyaga" ("Serpyn").

The project "Serpyn" provides an opportunity for young people to receive free higher and technical and professional education.

At present, 16 472 people study in 26 universities in the country. In the current year, 5 089 people will participate in higher education institutions, 715 in TVE.

In conclusion, the Minister added that as part of the implementation of the Roadmap for Employment and Socialization of Youth, it was proposed to increase the number of applicants for technical and vocational education to persons without qualification, expand the list of skills and skills for short-term vocational training, establish priority rights for young people in obtaining microcredits.

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