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Payment of the STP entitles to social payments for pregnancy and childbirth, childcare for up to one year in increased amounts - M. Abylkasymova

M. Abylkasymova

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Madina Abylkasymova told about the introduction of the STP and its impact on the receipt of social payments by the population in cases of disability, loss of a breadwinner, loss of work, pregnancy and childbirth, care of the expert round table "What to expect from a single cumulative payment?" for a child up to one year.

As the minister noted, the STP will ensure that the state receives payments for the loss of ability to work, for the loss of the bread-winner, and for the state at the basic level - this is a disability allowance, for the loss of the bread-winner (it is guaranteed to everyone), ie payments from the Social Security Fund come from above.

In addition, there will be a right to social payments from the Social Security Fund for pregnancy and childbirth, child care for up to one year in excess of what they would receive from the state budget. So, for today from the state budget, the grant on the care of the child till 1 year is provided. In this case, payment for maternity will be carried out only by the Social Insurance Fund.

"According to our calculations, women will be able to receive payment on maternity pay in the amount of 124 732 KZT. Also, they will be able to receive payment for child care for up to a year. Thus, the woman who paid the STP will be able to claim payments from the Social Insurance Fund, "the minister said.

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