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An extraordinary XXV Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Astana

Madina Abylkasymova

The State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova and the national coordinator of the International Labor Organization in Kazakhstan Talgat Umirzhanov took part in the Congress.

In general, the event was attended by over 200 delegates of sectoral trade unions from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as over 20 invited participants and guests.

The work of the congress was opened by the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bugytzhan Abdіrayim, who introduced the agenda to those present. In the first part of the Congress, presentations by invited participants and congress delegates took place.

Madina Abylkasymova, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, spoke on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Solving problems in the social and labor sphere requires the unity and agreed positions of the social partners. In the current conditions of the labor market, we need to combine our efforts to provide decent working conditions for employees. We can say with full confidence that in Kazakhstan there is a strong basis for harmonious production relations and this is the basis of trade unions, ”the Minister noted.

Today, Kazakhstan has a model of tripartite cooperation and social dialogue between the Government, trade unions and employers.

In January 2018, a new General Agreement was concluded until 2020, which clearly formulated the principles of social responsibility of the state, employers and employees, mutual respect and the maximum possible achievement of a compromise of their interests, which should be respected at all levels of social partnership.

The main objectives of the General Agreement are the implementation of joint measures for technological modernization of the economy, radical improvement of the business environment, promotion of formal and productive employment of the population and increase in labor productivity, improvement of the quality of human capital, improvement of working conditions and occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety, as well as the development of social partnership .

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the social partners, has begun the development of a comprehensive Roadmap to reduce injuries and jobs in hazardous working conditions for 2019-2021. The active implementation of legal education for workers and employers on negotiation skills and the basics of labor legislation has been launched.

In order to strengthen preventive measures to prevent labor disputes, together with the Federation of Trade Unions, an appropriate Action Plan has been prepared.

Today FPRK has strengthened the focus on work and interaction with the primary trade union organizations that coordinate all problematic issues, besides cooperation with interested partners on the prevention and resolution of labor conflicts has been expanded.

The Algorithm of the interaction of state bodies and social partners on the prevention of labor disputes has been approved.

The joint implementation of these initiatives with the trade unions will ensure stability in labor collectives and the effective development of labor relations.

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