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Mochalov Alexander Vasilyevich

Mochalov Alexander Vasilyevich
The best mentor of young workers
Karaganda oblast
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Mochalov Alexander Vasilyevich works as a mechanic to repair boiler equipment (6th grade) of the Karaganda CHP-3 Energy Center LLP. The total length of service is 40 years, of which in the energy sector is 25 years.

The main task of the centralized repair shop, in which A.V. Mochalov works, is to ensure the availability and reliability of the main and auxiliary equipment of the station. The workshop has a special pre-production group that develops and manufactures unique fixtures and accessories for repairs. The complexity, diversity and high accuracy of repair work on disassembling, repairing defects, testing and setting up powerful power generating units predetermine the high level of repair technology, the specialization of repair personnel.

Mentoring for this shop is of particular importance: the shop is the largest in terms of the number of personnel at the Karaganda CHPP-3 and a large number of young professionals are working here who need the care of the most experienced power engineers, especially in the early stages of independent work. Alexander Vasilievich Mochalov, being an experienced tutor, teaches young mechanics all the nuances of work. During the training period, the mentor is responsible for the actions of the ward and his safety.

If a student makes a mistake that leads to an accident or equipment failure, he will be responsible for this with the teacher. After completing the internship, the young specialist passes the exam. Then a responsible duplication is carried out - the former student works independently for 12 shifts, but under the supervision of a mentor.

Alexander Vasilyevich, in addition to his professional knowledge, has a wealth of life experience, which helps him in his work, because how quickly a young specialist will become independent depends largely on his mentor. It should be noted that many students of Alexander Vasilyevich successfully work at the station.

Mochalov Alexander Vasilievich is a support for his family, raised children and is a caring grandfather for grandchildren.

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