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Kulziya Aitpaevna Rakhmalina

Kulziya Aitpaevna Rakhmalina
The best mentor of young workers
North Kazakhstan oblast
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Rakhmalina Kulziya Aitpayevna was born 11/24/1958. in the village of Alagabas, Ruzaevsky district. She began her career in 1985 as a postal operator in the Volodarsky RUS. In 1995 transferred to the chief cashier. From 2009 to the present, she has been working as Head of the Central Operating Room. During her work in Aiyrtau Kazpost JSC has perfectly mastered the technology of the provided postal and financial services. He enjoys authority both among the collective and among the population. During her career, several dozens of young specialists were trained in professional skills. During her work, she showed herself to be a punctual, conscientious specialist with good organizational skills.

По клику на блок «Я не робот» выполняется проверка, что голосует человек, а не робот. Если появится окно с разными изображениями, следуйте указаниям во всплывающем окне.
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