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Aubakirov Erlan Magzamovich

Aubakirov Erlan Magzamovich
The best mentor of young workers
Pavlodar oblast
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Aubakirov Yerlan Magzamovich in 1994 graduated from a vocational school in Ekibastuz and after serving in the Soviet army, in 1998 began his career as a mechanic in the auto-tractor shop of our company.

Not stopping on their laurels, Yerlan Magzamovich entered the college of Ekibastuz Engineering and Technical Institute and successfully completed his studies in 2009.

Taking into account professional experience, striving for improvement and high organizational skills of an employee, in 2010 the management of the company decided to transfer him to the position of a “mechanic” tractor - dozer section.

Aubakirov Yerlan professionally copes with all the responsibilities assigned to him. In addition, with great enthusiasm involved in the process of introducing new technology and the acquired knowledge and skills to service personnel. during the theoretical and practical classes.

Yerlan Magzamovich played a prominent role in training young workers of the Partnership, increasing the prestige of the working profession. The high level of proficiency in professional knowledge and skills made him indispensable both at the work site and in the classroom.

Bogatyr Komir LLP annually summarizes the work in the field of vocational training. For their high professionalism and personal contribution to the development of professional competence of workers, Yerlan Magzamovich was awarded a diploma and a cash prize in the following nominations:

- “The best propaganda of the working profession” (2012);

- “The best instructor of theoretical training” (2013);

- “The Best Mentor” (2015);

- “The best teacher” (2017).

In 2015, Aubakirov EM awarded the honorary sign "Miner's Glory" 3 degrees.

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