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Low-skilled workers are most popular among employers


For the third quarter of 2018, 255,843 vacancies and 121,557 resumes were posted on the electronic labor exchange. The East Kazakhstan region is in the lead among vacancies (29.5 thousand or 11.5% of the total number), Almaty region is in the lead among resumes (14.4 thousand or 11.9% of the total number). These are the results of monitoring the situation on the labor market for the first 9 months of 2018, conducted by JSC "Center for the Development of Labor Resources".

Of the total number of vacancies posted from July to September inclusive, 28.8% (73,781 people) and 29.3% of resumes (35,572 applicants) belong to low-skilled employees.

21.2% of vacancies were sent to search for professionals (54,274), 12.1% (30,900 vacancies) to search for workers in industry, transport, and construction, 10.7% (27,328) to search for workers in the services and sales, 10 , 4% (26709) - to search for operators of production equipment, assemblers and drivers, 9.2% (23443) - technical specialists and other support staff, 3.8% (9653) - managers and civil servants, 3.2% ( 8209) - employees in the field of administration, 0.6% (1546) - farmers and agricultural workers.

The share of the East Kazakhstan region accounts for 15.5% of all vacancies for unskilled workers, Almaty region –13.3%, Karaganda - 9.1%.

Among the regions in the general structure, low-skilled workers are most in demand in the Almaty region (47.5% of vacancies in the region), Kyzylorda (45.6%) and Turkestan (39.4%) regions.

The share of professional professionals among vacancies is 21.2%, in the resume - 27.9%. The city of Astana and the city of Shymkent each account for 9.7% of the demand, the Karaganda region - 9%. The most in demand are professional professionals in the Mangystau region (38.5% of vacancies in the region), the city of Shymkent (36%) and the Zhambyl region (32,5%)

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