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How Kazakhstan will train competitive personnel for various industries


Kazakhstan has adopted a Roadmap of partnership with foreign investors for the development and improvement of technical and vocational education. The document was signed by the Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of RK Atameken Ablay Myrzahmetov, co-chairs of the working group of the Foreign Investors Council on labor legislation, human capital development and foreign labor from the foreign side Dimitri Propp and from the Kazakh side Madina Abylkasymova (Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan) and the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sagadiyev.

The roadmap includes three areas: development of a partnership with investors; improving the quality of teaching staff and updating the content; development of a system for the recognition of qualifications and certification of skills.

According to the document, in November 2018, data on the activities of foreign and Kazakhstan investors in the field of personal training — on the availability of training centers, competence centers, qualification requirements for employees, technology training, qualifications, new specialties, etc.

By the end of November, it is planned to determine the list of educational institutions and enterprises for broadcasting the advanced experience of foreign investors in the field of personal training and the creation of VET development support centers and sectoral competence centers.

By January-March 2019, it is planned to approve the concept and model agreement on the activities of sectoral competence centers and to create at least two such centers on the basis of exemplary colleges and enterprises in accordance with the APEC PetroTechnic principle in each region.

Pilot competence centers for training in the construction industry are planned to be created on the basis of the Almaty Construction and Technical College with the KNAUF Company, in the mining and metallurgical industry - with the TMK Company at the Khromtau Technical College, in the agricultural sector with the CLAAS company, in the production and operation oil country tubing of pipes - with TMK, in the metallurgical and mining industries - with ArcellorMittal Temirtau JSC, in the mining and metallurgical industry - with Polymetal based on Lisakovsk technical wow college.

In May, it is planned to hold seminars, educational sessions and other events to broadcast experience in training personnel of CNPC, Total, RUSAL, oil and gas companies and Polpharma companies. In addition, it is planned to prepare a pilot project program for organizing distance online training with the possibility of further integrating investor programs on a single platform.

In February 2019, a hackathon-competition of ideas is planned to be held to create the best solutions among TPE students using digital skills.

In March-April 2019, it is planned to hold an educational session for VET students on employer competitiveness criteria with the involvement of HR directors of various leading companies.

In December 2019 - to develop vocational guidance and employment programs to increase the number of women candidates for VET programs.

In December 2019 and in 2020, within the second direction “Improving the quality of teaching staff and updating the content”, it is planned to organize refresher courses, internships for teachers at 4: 0 enterprises, and separate courses for mentors of enterprises, to create a certification center for training and certification of instructors, make changes to the classification of specialties and qualifications of VET in accordance with the need of employers for new qualifications, develop and implement educational programs in industry competence centers according to certain qualification requirements, including taking into account the requirements of WSI, STEM. During this period, it is also planned to form a ranking of colleges based on the analysis of the educational programs of the VET qualifications.

In the third direction “Development of the system of recognition of qualifications and certification of skills” in March 2019, it is planned to improve the institutional environment for the National Qualification System, including the creation of a body for the development of qualifications in accordance with the best international practices. It is planned to determine the list of regulated professions and qualification requirements for professions.

By May 2019, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken plan to develop rules for the certification and recognition of skills.

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