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Tell in detail about the new format of targeted social assistance provided since January 2018.

Targeted social assistance (TSA) of the new format is provided to individuals (families) with an average per capita income below the poverty line. Its size is calculated as the difference between the poverty line (50% of the subsistence minimum) and the average per capita income.

TSA new format is classified into unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

Unconditional monetary assistance will be provided to those families that do not have able-bodied members (for example, families with disabilities or elderly pensioners), or families whose able-bodied members cannot be involved in active employment programs (for example, a single mother with preschool children). ).

Conditional cash assistance will be provided to families with at least one able-bodied member, subject to a social contract and the mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in employment promotion measures.

Conditioned targeted assistance is inherently comprehensive and includes three types of support:

1) payment of targeted social assistance (cash benefit);

2) employment assistance by sending

a) for vacant jobs submitted by employers;

b) for tuition, with reimbursement of expenses for tuition, accommodation, travel, one-time hot meals (in the case of training in VET) and payment of scholarships at the expense of the state;

c) on youth practice, social workplaces and public works with wage subsidies at the expense of the state, as well as the provision of microcredit to open their own business.

3) the provision of a package of social services in case of need, including rehabilitation measures for the disabled, special social services, etc..

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