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By 2027, the retirement age of women will be 63 years

retirement age

The level of pension provision o women is much lower than for men, taking into account the peculiarities of their labour activity. These are relatively short periods of work and low wages.

Unification of the retirement age is one of the measures aimed at increasing the level of pension provision for women. After the amendments in the pension legislation introduced in 2015, the retirement age of women in the Republic of Kazakhstan, starting from 2018, gradually increases every 6 months. By 2027, their retirement age will be equal to that of men and will be 63 years.

At the first stage in 2018, the retirement age for women increased by 6 months compared to 2017 and amounted to 58,5 years. For men, the retirement age is still 63. Accordingly, women born in the first half of 1960 retired in the second half of 2018.

Since 1 January 2019, the retirement age for women has increased by another 6 months to 59 years. This year, women born in the second half of 1960 will retire.

Simultaneously, since July 1, 2018, a new methodology for the basic pension appointment is introduced. It provides for a differentiated approach to determining the amount of the basic pension depending on the experience of participation in the pension system. This takes into account labour experience, both before 1 January 1998 and after that date, on the basis of periods of payment of compulsory pension contributions.

Also, periods are included in the experience of participation in the pension system, taken into account for the purpose of the basic pension: finding mothers to care for a child up to 3 years (not more than 12 years in total), care for a disabled child, residence of spouses of military personnel (except conscripts), employees of special state bodies in areas where there was no possibility of their employment (not more than 10 years in total), etc.

In addition, since 2014, subsidies have been introduced from the republican budget for 10% of compulsory pension contributions to working women who are on leave to care for a child up to 1 year.

Since 2020, a notional savings component has been introduced, aimed at increasing the volume of pension savings by paying 5% of compulsory pension contributions paid by the employer for the benefit of its employees at its own expense. 

All this allows women to increase both the amount of pension savings and labour experience taken into account in the appointment of the basic pension.

At the same time, all existing benefits of early retirement of women have been preserved:

firstly, women who have given birth to five children and have 20 years of labour experience have the right to retire at the age of 53;

secondly, women who have lived for at least 5 years in the areas of extreme and maximum radiation risk of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, retire at the age of 45 years (with 20 years of labour experience);

thirdly, for the participants of the funded pension system with sufficient pension savings for the acquisition of a pension annuity, the age of early retirement reached 51 years in 2019.

Schedule for raising the retirement age of women


58 years 6 months

From 01.01.1960 to 30.06.1960


59 years

From 01.07.1960 to 31.12.1960


58 years 6 months

From 01.01.1961 to 30.06.1961


60 years

From 01.07.1961 to 31.12.1961


60 years 6 months

From 01.01.1962 to 30.06.1962


61 years

From 01.07.1962 to 31.12.1962


61 years 6 months

From 01.01.1963 to 30.06.1963


62 years

From 01.07.1963 to 31.12.1963


62 years 6 months

From 01.01.1964 to 30.06.1964


63 years

From 01.07.1964 to 31.12.1964


At the end of 11 months of 2018, the average size of the total pension from the budget amounted to 81 159 KZT, which is 23% higher than the average pension for the same period in 2017 (as of December 1, 2017, the average size of the total pension from the budget was 65 935 KZT).  The total number of recipients of pension payments by age as of December 1, 2018 amounted to 2 172.9 thousand people.

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