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About 40 thousand employees withdrawn from the "shadow" in 2018

"Make an employment contract"

In 2018, the action "Make an employment contract" was held on the most vulnerable to illegal labor relations sectors (agriculture, trade, catering, etc.) of the economy.

As a result of the work carried out in the republic, more than 10 thousand employers legalized labor relations with employees, concluding more than 37.9 thousand labor contracts.

The measures taken made it possible to ensure social stability in the enterprises of the republic.

In 2019, in order to reduce the level of occupational injuries (accident rate per 1,000 people to 0.27%), Kazakhstan will adopt a Comprehensive road map to reduce injuries and jobs with harmful working conditions for 2019-2021, as well as an information company under the auspices of the "Year of labor protection" was held.

In order to prevent labor conflicts, additional tools will be developed within the framework of the implementation of the Comprehensive plan for the prevention and resolution of social and labor conflicts approved by the Government of Kazakhstan;

In pursuance of the order of the President of RK, work will be carried out to increase the wages of low-paid workers.

Preventive control over compliance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the enterprises of the country has been introduced.

A road map for digitalization in the sphere of regulation of labor relations, including the introduction of electronic labor contracts, has been implemented.

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