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People with special needs are taught professions of the future


19-year-old Amir Suleimenov is the founder of the International school of information technology, ISIT. The author of the project had an accident and  after that decided to open his own business and help people in a difficult life situation. He chose the profession of a programmer, as it allows to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

 "I met with the fact that people with disabilities were depressed because they had higher education, work experience, but due to the life situation could not work. Rehabilitation, treatment and surgery take a lot of time", - he said on January, 26 during a meeting with the Minister of labor and social protection of the population of Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova.

In 2018, a pilot project on training in digital skills of the XXI century was launched, which showed its effectiveness. The target audience was people with disabilities, mothers of large families, unemployed, mothers of children with disabilities. The training was conducted by SMM and consisted of 15 lessons. School graduates thanks to the acquired knowledge already provided themselves with income.

"The main task for the current year is the employment of people with special needs. It is necessary to describe the support measures in the target categories, depending on the disease, the level of education. Someone can work in intellectual professions, someone can create handmade products," the Minister noted.

The school of information technology provides training in such specialties as SMM managers, SEO specialists, contextual advertising, JAVA-developers, programming and mobile applications development. This can be trained remotely and subsequently work anywhere in the world.

According to statistics, the SMM-marketing profession exists in America for 10 years, in Europe for 7 years. On average, in the USA such a specialist receives about 3 thousand dollars, in Europe 1500 euros, in Russia 150 thousand rubles per month.

"We can create online stores, teach how to find customers in social networks, how to appear on the first pages of google. We can help small and medium businesses, as well as self-employed find their customers, digitalize. We have a program "Bastau", how to open a business, but the disabled do not want a business, they want to help someone, they are not confident in themselves",- said Amir Suleimenov. 

On December 28, 2018, with the support of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of Republic of Kazakhstan, an agreement was signed between UNDP and the ISIT School Amir Suleimenov to provide grants for training of people with disabilities. The agreement prescribes further steps for the implementation of the pilot project at the regional level. 25 people have received grants for training, this year it is planned to train 1000 people. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 trained people begin to earn or find a job.

For training and further employment of the project participants need only have a smartphone.

"We have trained a woman from the village of Zhambyl region, where there are only 3 houses. She learned how to target advertising and now she is so happy, flooded all Facebook, Instagram, began to look for with whom she studied in Moscow. One pensioner, fond of knitting, learned how to analyze competitors, how to choose the right keywords in her advertising, in her posts on Instagram or Facebook, how to compose content and process the customer base and learned to sell their products. Now she's hired an assistant. Another pensioner makes bouquets of sweets" says Amir Suleimenov.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister thanked the founder of the school of Internet Technologies ISIT Amir Suleimenov for the work carried out and stressed the importance of scaling such projects in the regions of the country.

Innovative school of Internet Technologies ISIT is the first social school in the CIS, which teaches vulnerable social groups of the population. Currently, the school has 50 students from different regions of Kazakhstan, including villages and small towns.

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