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Kindergarten for 100 places opened through the Employment Program in Aktobe

success story

The founder of the kindergarten from Aktobe, Miramkul Zhiyenbayeva received from the state a soft loan less than a month to open her business. The participant of the program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 "Enbek" not only created 15 permanent jobs, but also conducts its social programs, making impressive discounts for large families and single mothers.

Miramkul Baidashovna 30 years working in the field of early childhood education. She started in 1988 with a hodman, then worked as a nanny, music director, teacher, methodist and became head of the state kindergarten. Now she is the founder and director of LLP "Center for development of preschool children "Mir".

May 25, 2018 Miramkul Zhiyenbayeva appealed to the employment center on the issue of microcredit to open a private kindergarten, at this point, she was already an individual entrepreneur. In June 2018, she received a microcredit in the amount of 10 million KZT and with the money acquired the necessary equipment.

"At first I thought for two months, then I went to "Damu", there I had such a good and accessible consultation that I had a mood. In ATF Bank secured apartment loan all approved through the fund "Damu", at 6% per annum. I found a building of 420 square meters in the new district Batys-2. We somehow quickly recruited children themselves, I opened on August 20, now we have 100 children in the kindergarten", - she says.

"I have underfilled groups, the largest group is 20 children, the smallest group is 16 children. I have a salt cave, choreography, English, music classes, speech therapy classes, which are included in the monthly payment. We have a 10 day menu, approved by SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station) sanitary standards, which written what calories the child needs, what porridge, do's and don'ts. We cook tasty. Children eat well and parents are happy. Thanks to the state support, I am doing what I love and today there is a great desire and opportunity to further develop my business", - said Miramkul Zhiyenbayeva.

Plans of the entrepreneur is to open a branch of kindergarten in the same district. And in the new building, which is already beginning to build next to the existing garden, the head of the business project intends to build an indoor pool.

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