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Vice-Minister Svetlana Zhakupova informed about the implementation of the President's instructions given at the enlarged meeting of the Government of the RK

meeting of the Government of the RK

In the fulfillment of the order of the President's instruction to increase the amount of social payments from the State social insurance fund, the Ministry of labour and social protection is reviewing the parameters of social payments for three types of social risks. These are social benefits in case of disability, loss of breadwinner and loss of work.

This was announced today during the meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan by Vice-Minister of labor and social protection Svetlana Zhakupova.

The amount of payments will depend on the length of participation in the system of compulsory social insurance. This will increase the level of social protection of citizens in the event of social risks and provide an incentive for participation in the system of compulsory social insurance. The relevant draft law will be submitted to the Parliament of Kazakhstan in March this year.

In May 2019, the government will submit a National plan to ensure the rights and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Kazakhstan until 2025. It identifies seven priority directions: health prevention to reduce disabling pathologies, inclusive education, creating an accessible environment, employment, development of social rehabilitation, changing the perception of disability issues, development of human resources of social workers. Special staffs with the participation of the Prosecutor's office, state revenue and justice are working in the regions on the issues of observance of workers labor rights and repayment of wage arrears. With their help, in 2018, the wage arrears in the amount of 3.7 billion KZT to 32 thousand employees were repaid.

Only in 2018, state labor inspectors carried out 8 774 inspection, during which identified 11 976 violations. Employers issued 5 139 regulations and imposed 2 492 fines 402,5 million KZT. 20% of violations relate to the terms of payment of wages, 20% – failure to ensure safe working conditions, 14% – illegal employment and dismissal.

At the enterprises with foreign participation 530 violations were revealed, 124 fines were imposed in the amount of 38,9 million KZT. On the facts of violation of labor protection requirements by state inspectors, 1,400 materials were sent to law enforcement agencies, of which 98 criminal cases were initiated.

As a result of preventive measures, industrial injuries decreased by 6.6% in 2018 (in 2018, 1 568 people were injured, in 2017 – 1 678 people).

In 2019, it is planned to conduct an information campaign under the auspices of the Year of safety and health. The relevant Action Plan was agreed by the Ministry with the Federation of trade unions, NCE "Atameken" and akimats.

In addition, a Comprehensive roadmap for reducing injuries and jobs with harmful working conditions for 2019-2021 is being developed. It will implement systemic measures, including the introduction of a national system of labor protection based on the management of professional risks; improvement of mechanisms of state, internal and public control over compliance with the requirements of labor protection.

Since 2019 a new legal regime has been worked – the Single Aggregate Payment (SAP), which allowed informally employed citizens to register their business activities in a simplified manner and gain access to social guarantees.

For February 1, 2019, more than 4 thousand citizens have already paid for the SAP.

Work on updating and formalizing the status of citizens will allow them to be involved in the pension system, social and health insurance. Today, the akimats have a task to ensure large-scale explanatory work about the benefits of the SAP, a methodological guide has been developed. Currently, the work on updating is carried out automatically through PSCs, e-gov portal, Kazakhtelecom and Contact center 1414.

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