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success story

Socially responsible business can be in any shpere of activity. Thus, specialists of the barbershop from Taraz cut free of charge pupils of the boarding School, for children from large and poor families, as well as give master classes to children from the orphanage.

Aida Batyrbekova since 2007 dreamed of opening a beauty salon. She made her dream come true three years ago. Moreover, her mother just has a building in the city center.  "Initially, I wanted to open a Barber shop, as 3 years ago in Taraz there were none of them. But household advised to open the first female shop. Then I noticed that the male side is good, because I was lucky with the male masters. We began to grow the number of regular customers. We decided to separate the barbers and for this through the fund "Damu" in November, I received a loan of 5 million KZT at 6% per annum for a period of 5 years", - she said.

The received funds allowed to repair 2 rooms and to purchase the equipment. Initially, 2 masters worked in the beauty salon, after receiving the loan, 5 new employees appeared.

"We show free master classes, recently 2 graduates from the orphanage want to come to free training. In addition, we have a "Boarding School for children from large and poor families named after Nurgisa Tilendiyev", we cut children's hair for free when we have time. We try to help as much as we can. And it pleases us", - the businesswoman concluded.

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