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More than 160,000 employers increased the wages of 885,000 employees

wage increase

In pursuance of the order of the Head of state, a headquarters was established to monitor the increase in wages for low-paid categories of workers, which included representatives of the central state bodies, the Federation of trade unions and the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken". These headquarters operate in all regions of the country.     

Ministry of labour and social protection of the population together with local executive bodies carried out large-scale explanatory work to increase the wages of low-paid workers.

According to akimats’ information on February 7 this year in the republic more than 163.5 thousand employers (total number of employees 1.9 million people) increased wages of 885 thousand employees, including 1481 enterprises – large business entities, 2.1 thousand – medium, 160 thousand small business.

The average wage of low-paid workers at the above enterprises increased by 30% (from 44 thousand to 59 thousand KZT).

For example, in "RUBIKOM" LLP in Pavlodar region (1201 people) wages of low-paid workers (handymen, cleaners of office space, loaders, operator on applications) increased by 27% or from 55 thousand KZT to 70 thousand KZT on average.      

In "Kyzylzhar su" LLP in North Kazakhstan region (840 people) wages of low-paid workers (supervisors for the production of equipment, the operator of sand traps of sewage treatment facilities, cleaners of office space, machinists of sewage pumping stations, operators on filters of air support facilities) increased by 13% or from 61.9 thousand KZT to 70.5 thousand KZT.   

In "Standard Cement" LLP in Shymkent (707 people) wages of low-paid workers (security guards, janitors, technicians, handymen, supervisors) increased by 15% or from 52 thousand KZT to 60 thousand KZT.  

In "Kazphosphate" LLP in Zhambyl region (6162 people) since January 1, 2019 the wages of workers increased from 128 thousand KZT to 140 thousand KZT, of which low-paid workers (plasterer, repairman, cleaner, train transceiver, track fitter) receive more than 60 thousand KZT per month.   

The increase is made through the adoption of obligations under collective agreements and acts of the employer regulating the system of remuneration of employees.   

In order to control the increase in wages, an automated monitoring of the receipts of mandatory pension contributions for enterprises and employees will be carried out.

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