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After 2043 when retirement employment record is not required

Nariman Mukushev

According to the calculations of statistical data from 2043 has the ability to abandon paper media and employment record with the retirement. Registration of the pension case will take place through the data of the UAPF. 

By that time, people with experience in 1998 will retire. Thus, the length of service reflected in the employment records will be proportional to the monetary pension contributions.

At the same time, the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population launched a pilot - electronic employment records and electronic labour contracts. For today, employers have registered about 400,000 labour contracts in the unified electronic system. In compliance with all the necessary requirements, today the legislation allows you to keep the basic personnel documentation in electronic form, without duplicating it on paper.

Employers who are connected to the E-HR system freely register in it the data of their employees, as well as information on the experience of each employee, starting with the very first record.

In addition, the Vice-Minister stressed that the length of service reflected in the labour contracts until 1998, will be checked with the UAPF-contributions and BIN of the employer.

"We want to introduce such an innovation within the next year, so that in 2020 the appointment of pensions takes place in a digital format. We hope that employers will support us", Nariman Mukushev said.

Changed on 19 February, 2019 - 18:31
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