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Modernization of the medical and social expertise service

This year, a pilot project on modernization of the medical and social expertise service is being implemented in 4 regions of Kazakhstan.

In the framework of the pilot project, along with the face-to-face examination, a parallel correspondence examination of the service recipient is carried out, without his personal presence, on the basis of medical documents received in electronic format, through the integration of information systems of the Ministry of health care and the Ministry of labor and social protection of population.

1.  In medical organizations, when sending a patient for medical and social expertise, the electronic form 088/y is filled in;

2.  The need of the patient in technical means and services of rehabilitation is defined, the medical part of the individual program of rehabilitation is developed;

3.  The patient consents to the correspondence examination;

4.  Doctors experts of medical and social expertise are provided with access to medical documents of the patient with depersonalization of his data;

5.  In case of a positive result of the correspondence examination, the group of disability and/or the degree of loss of general working capacity and/or the degree of loss of professional working capacity is established, as well as the social and professional part of the individual rehabilitation program is developed.

6.  In the automated mode, a person with a disability is provided with the following services in a proactive mode:

"Assignment of state social allowances for disability……";

"Assignment of social payment in case of ability to work ……";

"Assignment of the allowance to mother or father, adoptive parent (adopter), guardian (trustee) bringing up a disabled child";  

"Registration of documents on disabled people for providing the prosthetic and orthopedic help",

"Providing disabled people with surdo-typhlo-technical means and obligatory hygienic means",  

"Registration of documents for disabled people to provide them with the services of an individual assistant for the disabled people of the first group, having difficulty in moving and a sign language specialist for the hearing impaired»;

"Provision of wheelchairs to disabled people ",  

"Provision of health resort treatment to disabled people".

Changed on 14 December, 2018 - 18:39
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