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When changing the standards of remuneration for work on holidays and weekends, in particular, they will be made in one and a half, whether it is necessary to make the procedure for changing the labor conditions of workers?

In accordance with the labor legislation, the employer may change the labor conditions in the event of certain circumstances (due to changes in the organization of production, labor organization conditions). At the same time, the labor conditions include issues of remuneration. Changing the labor conditions of employees is carried out in compliance with the procedures provided for by the Code. Thus, the employer is obliged to notify the employee in writing about the change of labor conditions, not later than fifteen calendar days, if the employment, collective agreements do not provide for a longer period of notification.  At the same time, the employer does not have the right to unilaterally change the labor conditions, if the payment on weekends and holidays in double size is prescribed in the collective agreement.  

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