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The development of the National qualifications system was discussed in the capital

National qualifications system

A meeting of the National qualifications council on the issues of the development of sectoral qualifications framework and professional standards with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of RK Berdibek Saparbayev, Minister of labor and social protection of the population of RK Birzhan Nurymbetov and President of "Center for development of labor resources " JSC Tamara Duisenova, Vice Ministers of a number of ministries that are members of the National Council, representatives of NCE "Atameken", public associations and companies.

Opening the meeting, Berdibek Saparbayev said that he had previously instructed to create a Project office at the Center for development of labor resources (hereinafter – CDLR).

"I believe that measures for the development of labor resources and planned changes associated with the improvement of skills of employees are the most important components of one strategy. Coordination, methodological support and control over the preparation of sectoral qualifications framework (hereinafter – SQP) and professional standards will be carried out on the established platform of the CDLR ", – he said.

Deputy Prime Minister of RK also reminded that the formation of the National qualifications system (hereinafter – NQS) started in 2012. Over the past period, the normative and legal base has been prepared, methodological guidelines for the preparation of NQS, SQP and professional standards have been developed. MES prepared more than 350 professional standards for use at the level of secondary vocational education and more than 70 professional standards under the coordination of MLSPP RK and NCE "Atameken". Since the beginning of 2018, a new classifier of occupations has been introduced, according to which static information is collected and the state of the labor market is analyzed.

"However, we must frankly admit that, despite the work done, there are no visible results yet. Most importantly, there is no coordination and purposeful interaction between the main participants of the process: NCE, MES, MLSPP, other authorized central state bodies, enterprises, educational organizations and associations involved in the development of SQP and professional standards," Saparbayev said.

At the end of his speech, he recalled that in the Program article "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: twenty steps to the Society of universal labor" Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined 3 main tasks: to give impetus to all the work on the creation of NQS, which, in fact, is a "road map" for each profession; through NQS "to build" professional elevators for each specialty; to ensure that the professional standards developed within the NQS, become a benchmark for educational programs used in educational institutions in the preparation of specialists.

In turn Birzhan Nurymbetov informed that for the further development of the NQS for priority measures were identified, among which: development of 36 SQP and 480 professional standards (hereinafter – PS); the establishment of a National qualifications council and the National qualifications body; the adoption of the Law of RK on the issues of the professional qualifications; the creation of independent certification and recognition of qualifications.

According to Nurymbetov, this year started work on two key areas: development of 36 SQP and 480 PS for the 12 priority sectors of the economy until the end of 2019 is commenced; to determine future strategic actions on development of the NQS in July of this year relevant Road map to 2025 was approved.

The Minister noted that in the framework of the first direction on the basis of CDLR the project team from among the representatives of the sectoral state bodies, leading enterprises in the industries of the NCE "Atameken", educational organizations, developers of SQP and PS was created. At the same time, personal responsibility for the timely development of SQP and PS is assigned to the Vice-Ministers of state bodies in charge of the relevant sectors of the economy.

"However, there are a number of issues that hinder the timely implementation of the goals and objectives. In particular, sometimes there are difficulties in the interaction of the project team with responsible state bodies and organizations, which is reflected in the timing of the project. In this regard, we have created a full-fledged Project office, thanks to which all business processes will be systematized, the necessary methodological support of qualified consultants is provided to both developers of professional standards and state bodies," Nurymbetov stressed.

The second focus of the activities will be implemented in two stages: 2019-2020 - the completion of the development of professional standards and their implementation into the educational process, 2021-2025 years - the formation of a legislative base and an international acknowledgement of qualifications.

Tamara Duisenova told about how the Project office will work.

"To effectively solve the tasks we are implementing a project management mechanism. On the basis of CDLR a unified Project office for the development of social and labor sphere in four main areas of work of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population was created:  the National qualifications system, productive employment, addressed social assistance, digitalization of social and labor sphere," – Duisenova said .

President of CDLR is sure that the implementation of the entire project portfolio of the MLSPP RK in a unified Project office will allow to solve many organizational and methodological issues, namely: to build the architecture of the pool management projects with a clear designation of goals and objectives for each area; to regulate the interaction processes of the Project office with state bodies involved in the implementation of projects; to provide Project office appropriate package of governing documents for system planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination, correction and completion of projects; to establish personal responsibility between the members of the Project team and the relevant state bodies.

"Exactly this trajectory with the use of project management, of course, will allow to build a clear system of interaction of all participants, as well as quickly solve emerging issues in all areas," – Duisenova said.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister of RK was introduced with examples and mechanisms of project management and was presented to created on the basis of CDLR Project office. Berdibek Saparbayev praised positively the work done and gave a number of specific instructions.

Thus, MLSPP RK was instructed to develop and approve normative and legal acts (hereinafter – NLA), regulating the issues of the selection of basic educational institutions and basic enterprises, the introduction of PS in enterprises and organizations of the country until October 1. In the same period, the Ministry together with the central state bodies should develop a Road Map for the development of the Atlas of new professions in Kazakhstan, as well as determine the qualification requirements for experts who will participate in this process.

The MES RK was instructed to develop and adopt NLA governing the procedures for the participation of educational organizations in the development of the PS and the preparation of educational programs till October 1, to determine a list of educational programmes developed on the basis of the PS, to approve the schedule of their training and ensure their implementation with the new school year till November 1.

Central state bodies (MMID, MA, MES, ME, MCS, MNE, MLSPP, MIT, MDIAI , MIPD, MGENR) were commissioned to ensure the development of 36 SQP and 480 PS till January 1, 2020 and their approval within the time stipulated in the contracts.

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