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More than 62 thousand people became participants of the State program "Enbek" in Turkestan region

Program Enbek

According to the results of eight months of 2019 in Turkestan region 62 386 people became participants of the State program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017 – 2021 "Enbek". 42,612 people were employed, of which 30,328 or 71% for permanent employment.

Within the framework of the first direction of the State program "Enbek", which provides for short-term courses for certain categories of citizens in order to instill professional skills in professions in demand in the labor market, 2,844 people were trained in Turkestan region. After completion of short-term vocational training, population employment centers provide participants of the State program with assistance in employment.

The main objective of the second direction of the State program is the development of entrepreneurial initiative of citizens. It provides state grants in the amount of 100 and 200 MCI on a gratuitous and irrevocable basis to applicants who are implementing or planning to implement a start-up business and have not previously received financial support under other state programs. In addition, micro-loans are issued in rural and urban areas to start-up entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial potential, agricultural cooperatives and their members who have not reached retirement age, peasant and farm enterprises. Within the framework of the project "Bastau-Business", training to the basics of entrepreneurship is provided for the recipients of micro-loans.

In the Turkestan region, 940 people are covered by micro-loans, 41 of them in cities and 899 in villages. State grants in the amount of up to 100 MCI were received by 101 participants of the State program, in the amount of up to 200 MCI – 498 people (young people, members of low-income and large families, able-bodied people with disabilities).

The third direction of the State program provides for the creation of jobs subsidized by the state for the employment of certain categories of citizens. In the framework of its implementation in the Turkestan region 13 973 persons are employed, from them on social jobs – 4 333 people, on youth practice - 5 332 people, on public works – 4 308 people.

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