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A resident of Kostanay region who received ASA opened her own business


A mother with many children from Kostanay region, who receives addressed social assistance from the state (hereinafter - ASA), managed not only to improve the financial situation of her family, but also to organize her own business.  Now a woman makes people beautiful.

Zhanar Kuzhenova rented a small beauty studio on the outskirts of the district center Denisovka for the funds received in the appointment of ASA. Zhanar believes that it is better to have a business than to receive constantly social assistance from the state.

"I have four children. The youngest daughter is 2.5 years old. My husband worked as a builder, his salary was not enough for us, especially since there was no work at all in the winter. So I began to collect documents for the appointment of ASA. Later I learned about the project "Bastau Business" and was trained in the basics of entrepreneurship on short-term courses. On June 26, I was lucky enough to receive a grant to start my own business providing permanent makeup services. I opened a beauty studio "Sen-Sulu". I am very pleased with the warm reviews of villagers, people from neighboring villages Kamyshinskoe, Ayatskoe have known about my studio. Every day I handle about 7-8 clients. After all, every woman at any age wants to be beautiful!"- Zhanar shared her success.

Representative of the Department of employment and social programs of Kostanay region Lidia Tsymbal said that in the first quarter of 2019 Zhanar Kuzhenova was on leave to care for a child up to 3 years. The husband worked informally for private individuals.

"The family had an income below the poverty line (average per capita income is 8772 tenge per person), so from April 2019 they were assigned addressed social assistance in the amount of 110 thousand 157 tenge per month, totaling 1 million 321 thousand 884 tenge. In April this year, the head of the family managed to arrange a handyman for a permanent job in "Stroy master" IE, - Lydia Tsymbal says.

We remind you that, as of September 18, ASA was assigned to 2 million 87 thousand 400 Kazakhstan citizens  (405 thousand 600 families), including 1 million 302 thousand 500 children (their share is 62.4% of all recipients). Large families make up about 40% of the recipients (161.6 thousand families or 1 million 71.6 thousand people).

The greatest number of ASA recipients is in the southern regions of the country, where more than 67% of all recipients are concentrated, including in Turkestan region – 96 thousand 800 families, in Almaty region – 53 thousand 600 families, in Shymkent – 51 thousand 600 families, in Zhambyl region – 39 thousand families and in Kyzylorda region – 31 thousand 700 families.

204 billion 500 million tenge, including 186 billion 100 million tenge from the republican budget and 18 billion 400 million tenge from the local budget are provided for the payment of ASA in 2019. 144 billion 300 million tenge was paid.

Changed on 25 September, 2019 - 18:32
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