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Where to search the help to get a job in the Kazakhstan?

In accordance with the law OF RK (about the employment of population) unemployed citizens, who desire to find work, can go to  the authorized organ and into the particular agency of the employments for the assistance in job placement, which are located in each city and rural region of republic. For registering the unemployed citizens ( who search the workplace) it need the following documents: identity card (passport), evidence of the social individual code (SIC), documents, which certify working activity, registration number of taxpayer (RNN)

The foreigners and the persons without the citizenship must have, furthermore, residence permit of foreigner and certification of face without the citizenship, with the mark about the registration at the place of residence.

 Is not later than ten calendar days from the day of the presentation of documents, the authorized organ and the particular agency of employment record citizens via the recording of information onto the card of personal calculation (computer database), whose form is asserted by central executing agency  .

 Unemployed citizens, who undertake the search for work, are recorded on the place of residence in the authorized organ. In this case they must not thinner than one time during ten calendar days be noted in the authorized organ, but unemployed, that live in the rural populated areas, not thinner than one time per month at Akim settlement, hamlet (village),  hamlet (village) region.

 Authorized organ monitor the regional database  of citizens, who searches work, and unemployed.   


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