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To information of oralmans

To information of oralmans

In the Ministry of Labor and social protection of the population of Republic Kazakhstan the letter has  arrived - explanation of the first Vice- Minister of the lieutenant-general  of the police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic Kazakhstan I. Otto regarding the order of the registration of foreign citizens, oralmans, which arrive at the territory of Republic.

 The foreign citizens, oralmans, which arrive into the Republic Kazakhstan for a constant stay, must be registered in the territorial subdivisions of the migratory police, it is done by the stamp of registration   in the national passport about a constant registration or by residence permit of foreign citizen.

Organs of internal affairs make the Migratory cards (  enclosed coupon) with different periods of action   for the  mans, which temporarily be in the territory of Republic Kazakhstan, including to oralmans.

In connection with this the designation ,the different specific social aid   legitimate for such persons  

Note: this letter- explanation is directed to the chiefs of provincial region, administrations (departments) of labor of municipal Astana and Almaty , employment and social protection of population, and also to the Department Directors of the Ministry of Labor and social protection of population for regions, in the cities of Astana and Almaty for the management in the work.

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