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The correct resume or how to get desirable work

Correct resume or as to obtain the desired work

For what the resume exists? Good resume is one of the most effective means of the search for work. But you will memorize three of the  moment: You have only chance to succeed with the aid of the resume at that moment, when they read it the first time. As a rule, on the survey of resume it is spent not more than 2-3 minutes. If we attention draw could not - it means, resume it did not operate.

With writing of resume follow the principle of selectivity. Information for the resume should be selected, on the basis of its purposes. Another way, in resume it is worthwhile to include the description of precisely those aspects of your experience, which are meant for the position, to which you pretend. For example, if you dealt with scientific work and simultaneously by consultation, in the resume, directed toward obtaining of work in the field of commerce, it does not be worthwhile to describe your scientific achievements and to give the list of your scientific it is working better to transfer those concrete habits and knowledge, which you obtained in the process of consulting activity.

Successful resume can become occasion for the interview, i.e., personal encounter with the employer or his representative, but yet does not guarantee obtaining work. Your purpose - to attain so that that reading would want to meet with you personally.

What it is necessary to write to the resume?

Resume consists of the following blocks: Your name, address, the number of telephone (including the code of city). Purpose (not compulsorily, but desirably): the brief description of that, to obtaining of what post and why you pretend (not more than 6 lines, but better than 2-3). Working experience in the reverse chronological order (first it is indicated the last place of work). This part is basic.

Indicate the dates of beginning and end of work, the designation of organization, the name of the post (them there can be several, if your career was developed successfully), and briefly describe function responsibilities and production achievements, if they in you were. With the description of your achievements use the verbs of action, such as : to develop, to save, to increase or to reduce.

 Formation (more passed time after completion of educational institution, the less the place this point must occupy in the resume; for the graduates and the students should be placed it before previous, since work experience even if exists, it is less significant. It is possible to report rewards, to emphasize those studied disciplines, which correspond to your purpose).

 The additional information: the possession of foreign languages and of computer, the presence of driver rights, membership in the professional organizations and the like (hobby one should mention only in such a case, when it is tightly connected with the desired work). Indication of the possibility of the assignment of recommendations.

What  must be in the resumes?

Basic requirements for the style of writing the resume: brevity; concreteness; the activity (never write it participated, rendered the aid and this the like suggests that you only rendered single services); honesty.

Avoid to use pronoun I am. It is necessary to be to maximally concrete in the selection of the formulations: one ought not to write: - it were occupied by instruction; it helped to decrease the errors - I rapidly master new knowledge one should write: - it trained two new employees - it reduced errors to 15%, than it saved to firm $40 000 - it mastered new procedures within the record short time - in two weeks.

Not you be loquacious and avoid the passive forms:  not to write: - I answered for the fulfillment... – I was found use to the following possibilities... - I bore responsibility for... one should write : - I carried out... - effectively he used...

Prefer the positive information of the negative:  not to write: - I settled complaints on... - it prevented reduction in the portion of sales - I passed from the post... one should write: - I helped clients in... - I increased the potential of product on the market - it moved to the post...

Concentrate attention in your achievements: not to write: - I worked there three years - carried out additional work …one should write: - were obtained increase in the post and two increases in the payment – I did always carry out work in time about

What not must to write in the resumes?

 It is not necessary to include in your resume: Entire your working biography. In reality of your potential employer they interest only last 3-5 places of work and periods not more than 10 years. Your physical given; Your photograph; The reasons, for which you departed from the work; Requirements for the wage; The names of people, which give to you the recommendation (prepare this list it  can prove useful on the interview).

 In conclusion test your resume on the following positions:

- you will ask someone, who manages well the language, in which is written the resume, to verify it;

 - in the description of this work use verbs in the present time, for example, I work, project;  with the description of the previous places of work use verbs in the passed time;

- you be sequential: if you one time used reduction, use it in all resume (but better to give all designations completely);

- avoid long phrases and odd words; You will clearly isolate the necessary titles; - you will trace so that your resume would be designed in one style;

- select the style, which easily is read (large fields, not small type, a sufficient distance between the lines and the like.); - use paper of the white color of a good quality;

 - it is very important to accommodate  your resume on one, maximum on two pages;

- you be assured that you will be able to confirm entire information, which you included in the resume

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