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    Payment of CAP by self-employed citizens will allow access to all medical services of CSHI

    ... to use the services with the use of expensive equipment. The CAP will allow to formalize the self-employed and thus include them in the CSHI ... minister said. The introduction of the CAP will simplify registration and ease the tax burden, will provide the right ...

    - 20.09.2018 - 12:20

    Abstracts of the speech of the Vice-Minister S. Zhakupova in the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the RK to the presentation of the Draft Law “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the RK on Formalization of Employment”

    ... of the Single Aggregate Payment (hereinafter - the CAP) is proposed, which provides for a simplified procedure for registration with the tax authorities. The CAP will apply to individuals engaged in income-generating activities, subject ...

    - 02.10.2018 - 16:47

    «The task of the Unified Cumulative Payment is to expand the social support of our citizens ”- S.Zhakupova

    ... is proposed to introduce a single cumulative payment. "CAP is a simplified procedure for registration with tax authorities. Its ... entrepreneurs do not fall under the need to pay the CAP. "For the convenience of taxpayers, the size of the CAP is fixed, that ...

    - 02.10.2018 - 19:10

    Нарушение китайскими инвесторами АО СНПС Актобемунайгаз трудовых прав мусульман

    ... и газа «Октябрьмунай» мастер ЦАП Т.Ш.Кыркымбай отстранен от работы. ...

    - 28.05.2014 - 17:08

    Кыркымбай Талгат

    ... в прежней должности мастера ЦАП НГДУ ОН, возместить моральный ущерб, ...

    - 20.08.2009 - 00:00

    спец.молоко в денежном эквиваленте

    ... профессиональный бухгалтер РК, CAP, Управляющий директор по финансовым ...

    - 05.02.2014 - 21:33

    Kazakhstan pedophiles will make to live a healthy lifestyle - www.zakon.kz, dated from August 2, 2016

    ... Asset Ospanov, head of Department of juvenile police CAP of MIA of RK: - The majority of such crimes, more than 90 percent, are ...

    - 10.08.2016 - 12:44

    Issues of formalization of employment of population discussed in Astana

    ... of the ESP than in the General regime. The size of the cap will be fixed, which means that there will be no need to calculate the ...

    - 15.06.2018 - 20:17

    In Kazakhstan, the process of formalization of self-employed people

    ... contributions to the FSMS and SSIF) into one. Payment of the CAP would mean the automatic registration of activity and participation in ...

    - 17.04.2018 - 17:27

    About the introduction of the Single Total Payment

    ... Along with the introduction of payers of the CAP, payers of social payments and contributions in the laws "On compulsory ...

    - 14.09.2018 - 16:11

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